Happy Friday people!

When I first decided to try out makeup, it was because my face was constantly breaking out and I needed to hide the black spots. Well, with time, after I decided to mind my own business and take more water, my face cleared up and makeup for me became something that would complement my look.

Now… I walked into one of my favorite makeup stores in town, planning to spend half of what I ended up spending. But it was worth it, I believe ?

I’m just out here wishing I had a YouTube channel to show you guys just how happy I am with all the stuff I got. I have been using these products for about a month now and so far, I love them.

Here’s what I got:

Flormar Pore minimizer makeup primer

When I first got a foundation, I had no primer smh ?

I later realized that with my skin type, (a combo of both normal and oily skin) I ended up shining around my T-zone (my forehead, and nose area).

This particular primer seeks to transform skin into a perfect look with its Cherry Blossom Extract as an antioxidant.

It was 1980 bob and I actually feel it was worth it. As I apply it, I feel so smooth and honestly, I have no idea what shining is practically throughout the day.

Maybelline Superstay Full Coverage Foundation

I got this for 1795 bob. Before, I was using the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation that is just about similar to what I’m using now. The only difference is that with the Superstay foundation, it gives full coverage for up to 24 hours. Which is actually good for me because I do not like having to touch up my foundation.

Plus it has a pump!

Beauty Blender Sponge

This was 300 bob. Basically, this is just a sponge that helps with blending the foundation and concealer for a seamless look, especially around the eye area where a brush may bypass.

And yes, it’s proving to be quite helpful.

Makeup Haul

Angle brush

When I first bought makeup, I just bought the basics.

Over time, of course, I realized I needed a brush for cleaning up the brow area after shaping them and one for eyeshadow. I got one that has both sides for 295 bob.

Killing two birds with one stone kinda thing ?

Flormar Invisible Loose Powder

One of the reasons I realized I was also getting shiny is coz I was not using a powder. It was just the foundation and go! I do not like doing touch-ups within the day and this, just like the good primer, ensures I don’t.

I was about to buy the Maybelline one until I saw just how big this one was compared to that for about the same price. So yes, I went with this, for 1780 bob.

I use this while ‘baking’ (basically just putting powder for a few minutes) and the results and are just amazing you guys!

Makeup brush

I got this brush basically to lay in the powder well after baking, and it works just well. I got it for 395 bob (it’s one of those branded ones – that’s why).

Gabrini Double Volume Clear Mascara

I’ve had such bad luck with black mascara especially with it getting into my eyes while applying and I just wanted a change. Maybe part of it is coz I still haven’t mastered the art of applying it seamlessly but oh well.

So when I walked into the store, I knew I needed mascara – but a different kind. I got this double volume for 620 bob and although my lashes are not that long, it is still working well.

Lip gloss

I am realizing that I only wear lipsticks when I want to be extra. Lip gloss is my daily go-to, and one of the things I cannot leave the house without.

I honestly don’t know what brand this is from – I just saw it and picked it. It was 395 bob.

Maybelline Lasting Fix Setting Spray

So this one is supposed to set makeup for up to 16 hours and give me a matte finish. The whole point is that it should prevent it from fading or moving.

I didn’t have this before, but now that I have it, I think I see the whole difference. I got it for 1495 bob.

So yes! That’s all I got. Honestly, I don’t plan to spend on makeup any time soon, and I feel like this was a worthwhile investment. I also realized that as I shopped, I was leaning towards more Maybelline products and only went to the rest when I thought the others were too pricey.

Makeup for me is still new, and something I am still exploring, though not as often especially because my skin has cleared.


Until next time, all my love.

Makeup Haul


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