Something about getting a new manicure just gives you the impression that you can take on the world, one nail at a time. However, the reverse of peeling and chipping nail paint makes you feel a certain way. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to be paying for manicures every two weeks because there is generally that period where your nails start chipping two weeks after your manicure. What if you could extend the life of your manicure?

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your hard-earned time and money.

Avoid applying too many coats

Experience has taught me that the thicker the nail polish, the more prone it is to peel off in less than a week. To avoid this, apply only 2-3 coats of your colour of choice. Some colours require more than three coasts to look precisely as they should. These are the colours you may need to avoid. So, whenever you head to the salon, either pick a colour requiring fewer coats or when your manicurist asks if you need another coat, say NO. You could change the colour before the work is done.

Seal the edges

One of the tips to make your manicure last longer is to ensure that your manicurist drags the nail polish horizontally across the top edge of your nail. Because nail polish generally starts chipping from the tips, this step ensures it is well sealed. If you do your manicure yourself, make sure that when you do this, your brush has a little polish on it. All it takes is a thin layer after your second coat and before your top coat to achieve the best results.

Wear gloves when cleaning

If you do a lot of cleaning, it may be time to get yourself a pair of gloves that protect your hands from harsh cleaning products. This will help you get the most out of your manicure. If you suffer from dried-out hands and nails every time you are done with cleaning, there is no way your manicure will last long. Extend the life of your manicure by getting your hands into gloves before you get to work.

Avoid hot water

Now, this is something I am struggling with because I shower in hot water, wash my hands in hot water, and wash my dishes in hot water too. The truth is when hot water seeps underneath, and around your polish, it starts to lift up and peel. Well, my manicure seems to last longer, so there is something I am definitely doing right 🙂

Avoid getting any polish on your cuticles, which lifts the paint from the nail and leads to chipping

 Don’t cut your cuticles, but you can push them back using cuticle oil, an orange stick, or a pusher tool to prevent paint from getting on them.