For the last so many months, her schedule had been quite predictable. She woke up each day at around the same time, watched telly, met with a few friends in the afternoon and went to bed at around the same time. Except on Sundays of course, when she would go to church and probably attend a concert or some other afternoon event.

You see, having graduated from the university with an undergraduate degree, she was so sure that she would find a job almost immediately, if not immediately. Then, there’s this thing that society has where when you have graduated, it is expected that you get a job before you move out or plan to get married and all that. So, because that was what society expected, she put some of the things she had hoped to do on hold, just until she got a job. Days, weeks and months passed and the hope she had soon faded, and was replaced with anger due to the pressure she was getting every time someone acted ‘surprised’ that she still didn’t have a job.

She became vulnerable and just then, someone called and said they were looking for customer care agents to work at one of the big banks in her country. She jumped at that opportunity and traveled all the way for the interview, only to get there and realize that it was a scam. All the people were interested in was stealing the little money she had. She had been conned.  A few months later, she was invited for an interview which she attended, confidently knowing that this was going to be her ‘big break.’ It didn’t turn out the way she had hoped it would as she wasn’t taken. After that, she got ‘scared’ of attending any more interviews as she thought this was just a waste of time and money because at the end of the process, she knew she would not be taken.

She decided that she was not desperate and she could use her talents and gifts to keep her going. All the things that she had put on hold, she decided to do them one by one, in order of priority. She decided that being unemployed was not going to be a determinant to reaching her life goals.  So determined is she that nothing can stand in her way right now. She is going all the way up and nothing can stop her.

Being unemployed when all your life you have worked so hard so as to find a good job can be quite discouraging, but who says that has to be the end of you? Who says you can’t employ? Well, life doesn’t always give you what you want, but you have to make the best out of what you have. Life is too short to spend it making plans based on one determinant in your life. Wake up, rise up and make your decision. It’s never going to be easy, but God’s got you all the way❤


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