A mother’s love is everything. It is what brings a child into this world. It is what molds their entire being. When a mother sees her child in danger, she is literally capable of anything. Mothers have lifted cars off their children, and destroyed entire dynasties. A mother’s love is the strongest energy known to man – Jamie McGuire.

I could write a whole book about my mother. She is an epitome of love, determination, hard work and sacrifice.

This week, my focus is on a new mother. We talk to her to learn about her struggles and triumphs as a first time mother.

We are known as the millennials. Those who have practically planned their lives in terms of making money, but never in terms of settling down and having a family. Our parents have also raised us according to the Bible. So, what happens when you get pregnant out of wedlock? Does it change the feeling that comes with being a mother to be?

“I had my life planned out right from the start. I knew I wanted a child, but it just never crossed my mind how soon this would be. Funny thing, I have no reason for when I got pregnant.”

Lui was filled with different emotions. That of happiness, and that of not knowing how her mother would react to the news.

“Part of me was happy that I could actually get pregnant and that there was this life growing inside of me. The other part was worried because I did not know how my partner would react as we are not married and had never talked about having babies. He would think I trapped him. I was not sure how my mother too would react, as she believes in marriage first then getting babies.”

Her pregnancy journey was not without its ups and downs. She had to deal with constant nausea, constipation and fatigue, as well as keeping the pregnancy out of her mother’s sight. It was one of the hardest for her. Somehow though, she managed.

Going into trimester two made her shed tears whenever she could feel her baby kick. The first scan she ever had also filled her with so much emotion. It was all so surreal.

When she finally went into labor, she now felt the impact of it all. That of bringing a life into this earth. Her baby came and filled her with so much joy.

Motherhood for her has just begun. She is learning lessons as she goes through it all. Her first few days as a new mum were tough as she had no idea of what she was doing.

“The first few days were tough, not knowing how to breastfeed, how to wash her, among other things. Every time she cried, I felt I was going crazy. They say it only gets harder as the child grows. I am trying to enjoy every opportunity as I learn along the way. This mother’s day is particularly special to me because of the joy this little one feels me with every time I look at her. She is my precious gift, my ray of sunshine.”

Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.

To all mothers and mothers to be,



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  1. Every moment counts.
    You cease to be your own.
    I attended a funeral of a mother and a grandmother i had come to love.
    She had changed the fortunes of her family by her belief in God, positivity, hard work and daring character. She was showered with praises and i knew it was true.
    We had jokingly shared with her in the presence of her children and grandchildren when her health started to fail. She was loved and she knew it. How we desired that she could live longer!
    This great calling, motherhood; the joy of endless giving with delight!

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