In the online space, there is a very thin line between being an open book, while at the same time, still maintaining your privacy.

There are things you may know, and others you may have no clue about. And so before you start saying how little you know about me, let’s get into my candid confessions:

Confession #1: I used to sing

Believe it or not, a sis has (or used to have) a very good voice. I used to sing in church and in school, right from the time I was young. I went on to study music in high school, and even at some point wanted to join Berklee School of Music to make music my career. Well, I’m here – that only means one thing.

I keep wondering what would have happened had I nurtured my talent a little more. (I might probably sing through my kids though) ?

Confession #2: Body insecurities

If there is one thing I have struggled with since my pre-teen years, it has to be my stomach. A part of me feels like it should be smaller – but then again, recently someone asked what I do to maintain a small stomach and I was shocked!

Clearly, one man’s meat is another man’s poison lol.

The thing I have realized is that although I am insecure about my stomach, it is part of me. It does not have to define me and all. Plus, no one has ever told me to think of reducing it – it’s just me telling myself.

There’s liberation in realizing that insecurities do not define you.

Confession #3: I am shy

I have never met someone who agrees with me – but deep down I know I am a shy individual. I get very quiet around people I do not know and prefer my own space.

This is also one of the reasons I am an introvert – something I do not mind at all. I might act all cool and all around you, but deep down, I am hiding how shy I feel.

Confession #4: I wanted to become a pilot

Growing up, my big sister was literally my role model. Everything she did, I copied. When she said she wanted to become a pilot, I also wanted to. Then I grew up loving to travel and was so sure I would enjoy being in aviation.

In high school, Physics and Geography happened yes. My love for travel has however not changed.

Confession #5: I am in a career that was ‘prophesied’

In primary school, we once had these guys visit our school, and they were conducting a sort of test that would show what career path one is likely to take.

I went through the test and when the results came out, I sat with the coach and my father, as he talked about what areas I was good at and what that meant for my future career.

In summary, I was more inclined to be in the creative space – which is where I am. So that worked out well.

That’s all for today. Feel free to comment, subscribe and like the post.

Until next time, all my love

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  1. Body insecurities. I am so sorry that you have to feel that way, yet I gave always found you to be such a pretty beautiful person. Your smile especially. And just a perfect body.

    About being a pilot, every dream is valid. You eill be ❤️

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