It’s officially Christmas season… and you know what that means? Yes! 12 days of Christmas!!! ?

I have this thing or mentality where I have always liked dressing up on Sundays. If you meet me on a weekday and then meet me again on a Sunday, you will see a whole difference.

Then came makeup and wueh! a sis has gotta look good for God. In one of the meetings I attended awhile back, someone talked about their relationship with God, and how they dress up and put on makeup for God because for them, they are preparing to be the woman God wants them to be in their future relationships.

(Does that make sense? It made more sense when I heard it, and I even resonated with it.)

But anyway, the point is, as a woman, she is not waiting for marriage, to start acting working towards being a Proverbs 31 woman. She is working towards it now, and the same applies to taking care of herself and being a little ‘extra’. She is doing it now, and not waiting for the man she’ll get. ()I think that makes more sense.

I digress. This past month, I just felt like I needed a break from makeup. Especially because every time I put on makeup, I would be late. And to be honest, since I took a makeup break, I have been keeping time. How cool is that though?

Also, one of my favorite Kenyan YouTubers, Wanjiru Njiru did a no make-up look on her channel and I thought I would come on here and show you guys my adaptation of that.

Just a little tricks here and there that make you look like you’ve put in effort in making your face glow ?

So before I ramble on and on, here we go:

I always feel like eyebrows have a huge part to play in how you appear. There is something eyebrows do to make your face seem more alive. Looking through social media, microblading seems to be the new trend to ensure even when you wake up you still have brows haha. But wueh that’s an expensive procedure at least for me right now. So I stick to what I can afford, which is a dark brow pencil and voila!

No Make Up 4

The right side of my face has always been a little problematic for me, I think because I sleep on it and oil from the hair might be going on my pillow and all. (I’m not sure). So this is the side that ends up having dark spots – although not so visible. So most times, I do not bother much. A few times I may try concealing them with a little foundation. This is just to cover the spots. Even after that, if you look closely, you will still be able to see the spots.

No Make Up 3

To make my eyes even more alive, I apply two coatings of my colorless mascara on my lashes. The problem with my lashes is that they are short and literally go in all directions. The mascara just helps in giving them definition and making them look like cute long lashes.

No Make Up

Then I do my lips before I leave the house. I think I previously mentioned that I have been drawn to lipgloss more than lipstick of late, and unless I’m feeling a little ‘extra,’ I go with gloss.

And yeah, that’s it. A little goes a long way in this case.

No Make Up Look

Until next time, all my love


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