This year, I have grown a lot – and I’ll be talking about that really soon. Thing is, even in my growth, I have realized I’m starting to forget things more, my anxiety levels have also shot up and I get super stressed with things I am not in control of.

In a bid to curb this and still do what I need to do and succeed while at it, I decided to be intentional in detaching myself from all the stresses of life, and just take time to be blank and sort of recharge.

So I adopted some habits that have helped me in this – my self-care habits:


I used to have very crazy headaches, almost daily. This was until someone suggested that I was not taking enough water. I tried it and it worked. And that is how I moved from taking two glasses of water a day, to 2 liters. Whenever I do not take water, my headaches come back. This has also worked for my skin.


This year I set out to read a book a month. I was trying to count the number of books I have read, and I think I have met my goal. This is also the first time I have read more than two non-fiction books, the whole year! Reading for me has served to be very helpful. I literally immerse myself in the world of the characters and block out every noise or activity going on around me. I have learned so much, not just vocabulary wise, but in the possibilities that exist around us, and also in the power of taking risks.

Listening to a podcast

Correct me if I’m wrong – but podcasts are taking over the radio space. I listen to so many podcasts weekly – one each day as I leave work. These have proved to be very therapeutic for me. Depending on what you are looking for, you can learn, be inspired or motivated and so much more. If you’ve never listened to podcasts, just try them out. While at it, you can start by listening to mine ?


Early in the year, I had unexplained breakouts on my face. Well, I probably wasn’t eating right. Anyway, I decided to try out skincare products that would restore my skin and give me the confidence to walk out of the house without having to cover my spots. Garnier, peeps, changed everything. I have been using these four products – daily cream, toner, micellar water, and their 3-in-1 cleanser – for the past six months at least thrice a week. (So ukiniona naglow, call be Glowria thanks to these products).

Affirmations and positive vibes

I am one person who has come to believe in the power of daily affirmations and positive energy around me. Every time I feel stressed or even anxious, I use this. This has actually helped me do things I was too scared to do, and also push myself towards success. It works!

I’ve learned how important it is to be positive. #ThisIsIt was born out of positivity.

Conversations with God

I talk to myself a lot – and assume I’m talking to you guys, my online fam. In like the last seven months or more, I have been talking to God. Not just through prayer, but as a Father and a friend. My frustrations, my fears, my hopes… I tell Him that. This way, I feel like I’m talking to someone who can help and guide me where I need guidance. Talking to myself was not just doing it for me most times.

Date with myself

I started this thing where I take myself to a restaurant and just have lunch or coffee in my own company. It gives me time to reflect, write down a few things and sometimes, even come up with new content ideas. I have however not been very consistent with this especially now as I am trying to go on a #NoSpendChallenge.

Spoil me

Life is short mahn! If there is that dress, pair of shoes or books you have been eyeing, please go and get it.

Now in spoiling myself, I have had to strike a balance between what I want, and what I need. I try to spoil myself within a specific amount of cash and I can only choose one thing to buy or place to visit in a month.

This way, I also don’t depend on someone to spoil me. Well, if I need something I can ask, but I can also get it for myself.

Because I know I haven’t exhausted them, what are your self-care habits? Let’s take care of each other as we move towards success. Feel free to leave a comment below ?

Until next time, all my love


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