Today I am sharing my everyday makeup routine with you guys. I am one of those people who never wore make-up for quite a long time not because I didn’t have the cash to buy it (part of the reason though) but also because I didn’t want to have to wake up a whole hour earlier to do my make-up. For all the functions and photo shoots I had, I called my make-up artist to do it for me. And yes, she would take an hour. All that stress every day, I knew I couldn’t handle.

I would do my eyebrows, and my lips in two minutes, and be out of the house. It was that simple. And it worked!

Then recently, I was watching one of my favorite vloggers talk about her simple routine and I thought to myself ‘I can do this.’ So I about a week later, as I was walking from the salon, I decided to go to a make-up store across the street and see what they have. I found myself buying what I had not planned to (a bit of a spendthrift). That begun my journey to researching on products just to find the most natural look that I could achieve within my normal prep time.Most days I still do eyebrows and lipstick or gloss, other days I do a little less make-up and other days when I’m feeling a little extra, I do it all. It majorly depends on where I am going, or sometimes, who I am seeing ?

Step 1: The eyebrows

I always find it easy starting with this. For this, I use an old toothbrush, or mascara wand and dark brown eye pencil (my brows are very dark). I brush my eyebrows in an upward motion and then outline them with the pencil before filing them in. (It took me a long while before I finally knew what eyebrow shape suited my face and how to accurately do it. I’ll talk about eyebrow shaping soon). I then clean under the brow using my LA Girl pro concealer. This is just to get rid of any outline gone wrong.

Step 2: The base

I always wash my face and dry it before applying anything on it. Then I apply my primer which I alternate between Golden Rose illuminating makeup primer and my regular Nivea cream (#Hack101). I apply it with my clean fingers.

Next, I apply my foundation. I use the Fit Me Maybelline matte+poreless foundation in the color number 364. I put a little on the back of my hand. Then I apply the foundation in little dots all around my face. To do this, I use a power brush I got from the store. I use dabbing motions to blend the foundation into my skin. Two coats does it for me.

Next up is the concealing foundation. I use Black Opal Total Coverage in Carob-10. Using a sponge, I apply it underneath my eyes. Then I use the same power brush that I used when applying the foundation, to make that even with the rest of my skin.

To set it all, I use a wet sponge and dab it all through my face. This also helps in removing excess make-up.

Step 3: Eyes

Time for mascara! My lashes are always a bit all over the place and so every time I put mascara on, I have to do it with so much focus to ensure the lashes stay put in the process. I only use this for my upper lashes. I use the MAC Zoom Lash plush black mascara. It lengthens, thickens, does not get clumpy and holds the lashes in place all day.

Step 4: Lips and final touches

One of my favorite lip colors of late has been the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in the color nude. Because my skin tone is more on the darker side, nude alone will make me look a little ‘er’. So I use that with gloss and I absolutely love the results. The other lip colors I use are red and maroon.

I find matte lipsticks the best for an all-day look.

Finally, that’s it!
Typing it out made me feel like I spend an hour in front of the mirror, but trust me, it takes me at most 10 minutes to do this. When I’m going for an all-in look, it takes longer. This has been my look for the past few months. It’s very simple and perfect for a typical day.Hope this helps you. Thank you so much for reading this. Until next week, all my love.  


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