Growing up I was scared of the dark. This was for the simple reason that in my little mind, bad people did bad things in the dark. Okay, that’s in simple language. But honestly, I knew thieves stole and sometimes killed people at night. In the dark.

My dad’s friends were shot at night. One sustained injuries to the leg (he has a metal thing in one of his legs) and the other, well he passed away while receiving treatment in hospital. I wasn’t there when the attack happened, but I could picture it. And it scared me.

I was about 8 (my memory is sharp ?) Anyway, I didn’t mean to digress.

The point is, every time the sun would go down and darkness would set in, I would remember that incident and several others I had watched on TV, and I would literally be so fearful. I would go to bed praying that the night would be short and the day would come quickly.

My fear slowly waned off because well now, I love my sleep. (I even put my phone on silent mode when I go to bed coz I don’t want to be woken up).

The recent happenings in Nairobi have sadly made me fearful again. This time, not of the dark, but of walking in the busy streets of the town center. Mugging is going on in broad daylight. Sad thing is, passers-by can’t even help for fear of being harassed too.


A Nairobi resident, Susan Warui, was left badly shaken after a gang of muggers attacked her, and in a flash, she lost belongings estimated at Ksh. 17,000.

“As I was crossing the road, I heard someone grab my ears from behind… It was very fast I didn’t even know what happened; I just felt pain in my ears. When I touched my ears, I realized my earrings had gone and when I turned back I saw someone running. A few guys tried to run after him but he was too fast… Since that day, the moment I go downtown I remove my chain, watch and earrings,” she recounted.

Susan was left nursing scratch marks behind her ears and neck.

In a different case, a woman was pushed and her belongings taken.

Nairobi Yangu

Problem is these muggers come from the back and you will not know until they pounce on you.

My experience

I was walking in town some time this week and… Let me go back. Before I left the house, my heart was pounding really hard. That’s how scared I was. Anyway, so I left the house and went to town. As I walked in the streets, my antennas were up. I was walking so fast. (I am so sure I burned a lot of calories). As soon as I got to where I was going, I felt safe. In the evening when I got home, it was a silent prayer of thanks to God.

This Nairobi… Through His grace though, we are making it.


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