Happy New Year guys!!!

Glad to see you this year. I hope you welcomed it in your very own distinctive way.

I spent it out at a girls’ night out thing. I must say it was quite fun. Plus the questions I was asked that really got me thinking.

It was a really nice change from the other times I have welcomed the year.

Great things are coming this year for sure.

Happy New Year

I know this statement may sound cliché considering every year many of us get into it with positivity and then lose it on the way.

This is the month many of us make resolutions.

With a new year comes the possibility to make right that which we hoped to do the previous year but didn’t do. It also comes with making decisions we hope to abide by all year through.

Just how much do we abide by the decisions we make though?

New Year Resolution

So during the night out I was at, someone asked me what my new resolution was. Well, I’m not really the kind to make a list of resolutions and all, because many times, I don’t follow them. But well, you only live once (YOLO). And I intend to make my year a year of living out to the fullest.

In doing so, letting go, and letting God.

I have had struggles with God, questioning His plan for my life. I have gotten to points where nothing seems to be working well, and when I get out of that situation, I realize it was all for my good.

Okay, that’s my resolution summarized.

And quickly, I just wanted to take you back to my last post because of a similar question I have received from many of you, the wedding will all be in due time. And you will know about it 🙂

This year there are a lot of surprises in store for you guys (I will tell you that for sure). A deeper look into various aspects of my life, and also, I will be introducing other people. So make sure you are always in the know by subscribing below.

Happy 2018 people! Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.








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