Getting to know someone is such a hustle especially when your only idea is food or cocktails.

As much of a hustle as it may be, it is a necessary step in forming or even building a relationship.

So, what is your kind of date?

If going out for a few drinks is a great choice for you, is it really possible to enjoy yourself and even get to know your date better in an alcohol-free setting?

And what happens when your date doesn’t date alcohol? What do you do?

There is no reason that your dating life should suffer. So, to spice it up a little, here are a few unique date ideas without alcohol that you should try on your next few dates (these will last you through the rest of the year😉 )

Go out for dessert

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For a low-pressure, pocket-friendly non-alcohol date, you can suggest going for dessert.

There are various places you can get ice cream or froyo or any other dessert you can think of. The upside to this is that there won’t be a lot of time for awkwardness as you wait for your order to arrive.

Take a walk

If you don’t want to sit across from your date for hours as you get to know each other, try breaking the tension with a daytime date.

A walk is a good opportunity to talk to someone and see if they love the outdoors (something that you may love).

If you get to a point of awkward silences, the birds and trees will give you the perfect surrounding and distraction. Even better, there are many opportunities (read places) for you to seclude yourselves.

Check out a comedy show

Now this provides no awkward silences.

However, this may not be your cup of tea because sitting in the dark in silence as you watch does not give you a way of knowing someone.

On the plus side, it’s a good opportunity to enjoy entertainment as you share interests and have fun together.

Afterward, you could take a non-alcoholic drink as you talk more about the show or movie.

Meet for coffee

I have always been a fan of coffee dates. This, for me, has been a time of not only getting to know someone but also try out different coffee flavors 😅

In case you want to get to know someone better but don’t have much time (because Lord knows time really flies), grab a cup of coffee.

You load up on caffeine for your busy day and get to know whether this person could be your person.

Visit a museum

Source: Pexels/Ivan Bertolazzi

I’m all about spicing up dates and not just going on the same old-same old dates.

Museums are known to spark conversations around literally everything, even sometimes, the intimate stuff.

Better yet, most museums are affordable which shows that original and some of the best date ideas don’t have to be expensive.

Explore a shared interest that you have and build a strong foundation for getting to know one another, finding common ground.

Share your favorite hobby

What’s your hobby? One of mine is reading and, to be honest, I am yet to go on a date with someone who loves reading.

I love food and, this has proved to be one of the best ways to bond during dates.

Sharing one of your hobbies with your date is a great way to showcase your personality by doing something that you love.

Keep it fun and even let your date show you what their favorite hobby is next time.


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