Your 20s are not by default the only time in your life that you can pick up and go, or that you can try out different careers. The space where comfort and risk come together is a space where learning and growing are most likely to happen. If you get set in your ways and become unsatisfied but comfortable, you’ll never learn anything different unless you’re willing to put yourself in a scary position.

It’s March guys! I am super excited. The year is going so fast and days go by so fast. Dear March, be good.

Anyway, with so much going on and having recently just celebrated my birthday, (well, it was not so recent, but trust me February was a whole month’s celebration for me), I feel like a sage today.?

….. And a minister hihi.

The other day I was going through my social media accounts. Trying to catch up with ‘friends’ outside work.

I came across a photo of my former classmate at uni who had just had a baby I assumed less than a week before. Scrolling on, another had gotten married. Yet another, was announcing her engagement. Another…. Well, the list is endless. Point is, I looked at where my friends were in their lives and for a moment I asked myself, “Look at them with …., where am I now?”

For a moment there I wondered whether what I was doing was right, why I am where I am and all.

Then I remembered. Everyone is different. God molds us in very different ways. If we were all the same, wouldn’t the world be such a boring place to be in?

You may wonder why you are in such a situation, but there is a reason for everything.

When you think of Joseph’s story in the Bible, he went through so much. Being sold by his brothers, being accused by Potiphar’s wife and later being imprisoned. Then rising and becoming Pharaoh’s right hand guy, finding his family and saving Egypt from the famine, it was all in the Lord’s plans.

“… because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you.” (Gen. 45:5)

“Preach it sister!”

So many times we may question our lives when compared to others who are our age and seem to be doing so much. But remember your script is different.

Make the most out of your 20s because, well, it’s the only time you can change so much. After that, it’s all about settling down.

Do what makes you happy, be you and most of all, trust the process.

One thing that has kept me going thus far is whenever I am convinced that I need to do something, I take it as a sign and do it. Because if I don’t, it will bother me until I do it. If it goes away, then I know it was not meant to be.


When it is the right time, everything will fall into place and you will know it for sure.


Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

PS: Tell a friend to tell a friend where we meet ?


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