Interviews can be stressing. The funny thing is as much as we have applied for specific jobs, we sort of dread the process before the job. That is, the interview process.

So I got a call inviting me for an interview, a month after I had applied for the job. I had actually forgotten all about it.

Immediately after, I started researching on the company, common questions asked during an interview and all.

Mind you, this wasn’t my first interview. You see, my first didn’t go so well, and I wanted to be extra ready for this one.

As hard as I tried to be overly ready, I still did not feel comfortable. There were all these butterflies in my stomach. It was nerve wrecking.

Come interview day, and I looked so confident heeh! You would not even know how my stomach was somersaulting.

So how do you get your act together and ace the interview?

1. Dressing

First impressions matter. Dress well and you will look confident. Walk with confidence. No matter how small the role may seem, walk straight.

2. Know your stuff

You may not know all the answers to the questions the panel may ask, but you can for sure know the answer to common questions. Talk about yourself when asked, answer questions even if you are not sure of the answers, and in the end, ask the interviewers questions.

3. Facial expressions

Facial expressions matter, and as the interviewee asks questions, maintain eye contact.

Remember, to carry all your credentials in an organized file.

Ps: Some interviewers are sometimes out to drain you. However, be the best you can be. If it is yours, it will surely come your way.


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