There’s this thing about having a ‘sponsor’ because everyone is having one. Ama it’s just me who thinks that’s what goes on in the minds of those who look for ‘sponsors’? Thinking of it, there are those people who do things because it is the in thing.

I’m not talking about the actual word. Or like Jimmy Gait’s song Yesu Ndiye Sponsor, no. It’s the sugar daddy craze that has become the in thing.

The sponsor craze was the thing for campus students then (I think it still is). Today however, apparently, when you graduate from campus you need a sponsor to shower you with the material things.

But what happens when you are not looking for a sponsor and a sponsor instead looks for you?

Let me define the word sponsor clearly, in this context. These are guys who are older than you, usually way older, who shower you with expensive things in exchange for sex (correct me if I’m wrong). Usually, they are married and with kids.

So a few years ago, I came to live in Nairobi for the first time. Now, I was on internship at an institution and I was enjoying it. Before long, I made friends who introduced me to the heads of departments in the institution. There is this man in particular. I cannot remember his name, but if I see him today, I will definitely remember him.

It started like normal conversations, him coming to the office for documents and all. There are a few times I had to go to his office because I had to gather information from him too. What he saw in me, I do not know. “I love your hair. It truly displays the African heritage,” he once told me. I brushed his compliment off and the next time we met, he convinced me to go for late lunch with him.

It is the first time I went to Java, something I had only heard of before I came to the city (I wasn’t born with these things you know). Anyway, I made sure I made the most of my first time at the restaurant and after that we parted ways.

Thing with me is, I get to learn so much about a person in just a few minutes. Mostly what I learn guides me in how I will relate with you in the future.

I got to learn so much about him, how he was divorced with children older than me, and he even wanted me to accompany him to his grandchild’s birthday party over the weekend.

My first thoughts on him were actually right. He was interested in me. I avoided him like a plague from then on. He called me and I would never pick up. He eventually got tired and left.

I just hope I didn’t break his heart.

Now, I have been back in the city for a while now. All about creating my own path and finding what really fits me (Btw guys I have found it. Story for another day though).

I was once told that I know how to relate with people older than me, younger than me, and those in my age bracket. So here I am trying to relate well with everyone, and I find myself in just about the same position.

This time however, it involves air tickets, trips and food.

What happens when a supposed sponsor is the one chasing you and you are not interested? I would have donated them to those interested, but I am not in support of this idea. I am the romance kind of girl, I won’t lie. Plus taking advantage of people is not my thing.

Know your worth


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