So today I decided to take you back in time. To over a decade ago…


My good friend B, had just moved from the city to my hometown. Those days, the city was really considered a big place. People who lived there and came to visit spoke in English and girls wore trousers (which was considered a big deal). Things have changed quite a bit since then.

Of course I wasn’t from the city, but I spoke English (because my father insisted I do) and I did not like dresses so I wore trousers. Perhaps that is why B ended up liking me as we belonged to the same ‘social class’. I was only 10. We saw each other at school on weekdays, went to the same church on Sundays, and went for sleepovers at each others places.

It was during one of the sleepovers that B came up with the idea (she mostly came up with the ideas and I played along) of asking one of my neighbors (who was also our classmate), who he liked. N, as that was his name, wasn’t sure who he liked, and asked his friend L, the same question. L  summed up enough courage and said he actually liked me. You don’t know how happy that made me feel. He would come to our place to play and I would literally be leaping with joy. Every time he said ‘goodnight’, my heart melted. A year passed, he went to boarding school and I never heard from him again. That is how I lost my ‘first love’.

Then came this boy who I would catch looking at me while in class… His name was B. He was so timid, so handsome (in my eyes back then) and I would listen to him whenever he talked, (even if I wasn’t interested, I would pretend to be). It was that serious. He would send my friend to say ‘goodnight’ to me and I would blush. In my diary, I would write the little things he did for me that day. We didn’t talk about how we felt, but it was clear to both of us just how smitten we were with each other.  When we opened school, I didn’t know he had changed schools and so I kept on wondering where he was.

To cut the long story short, we bumped into each other at a party. Funny enough, I was trying to figure out where I had seen him as he resembled someone I knew, and when he called me, I instantly remembered who he was. We were both dating and so there was no chance of us rekindling the old flame.

To date, he still calls me his crush. I guess once a crush… always a crush *wink.