Around this time last year, everything had changed in ways we – both you and I could never have imagined.

Our lives changed from what we perceived as the norm to something different.

When the pandemic first started, I kept on telling myself that it would all end in a couple of months. Then the number of cases kept on rising, and it seemed like there was no hope in sight.

I was a mess.

We have learned to live amidst the pandemic, and this is a lesson. I have, however, learned so many other things – things about myself that I would never have known were it not for the pandemic.

One of my biggest lessons has to be on adjusting and adapting. Despite living in a near-constant state of uncertainty, we discovered new ways of experiencing joy and creativity. I jumped on just about every TikTok challenge I could do, and for a long time, that was my main source of joy.

On the not-so-good side, I had to take a 50% pay-cut at work, and this came at a time I was really trying to save every coin I could towards my plans. My savings literally took a dip, and there were times I would get anxious not knowing where the money I needed would come from. But I had to adjust.

I had so many plans for 2020. Even when the pandemic started, I was still so focused on trying to make them work that I would get stressed over what I really had no control of. I had to adjust. Even now, as I look forward to the future, I am living in the moment.

While I am grateful that I still have a source of income, so many people lost theirs. This woke me up to the reality that nothing is guaranteed. What if that day you are waiting for never comes? There is no more waiting for a special occasion. If you want to start a side hustle, just do it. Do it afraid but do it all the same. This way, you will be free of any regrets. Remember, you only get one life…and this is your life. This is it! (See what I did there?)

As I look back at this past year, I believe that everything happens for a reason. For me, if everything had gone according to my plans, I would not be here, talking about some of the things that have happened in my life. I recently shared about Trusting the Process over on This Is It, and this has rung so true for me these past few months.

Even though I didn’t have money for some of the things I was saving for last year, I was somehow able to pay. This year, I got a promotion at work – something that would not have happened if my plans had gone through last year. In your journey, whatever it may be, you will be so glad when you look back at when decided to trust the process.

With everything shut down, the world had to take a much-needed break. It has been a great time to just be still and rest, without having to worry about how much work we need to get done to get a specific amount of money.

I even added weight!

As the world starts opening up, what lessons are you taking with you to the other side?


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