The dust hasn’t quite settled in the country following the just concluded elections, whose major focus for so many of us, was on the presidential race. Well, of course just like in any competition, competitors get in with mindsets towards winning, but there can only be one winner. As it turns out though, the battle did not end there and now the courts are set to decide on the matter.

One thing that really made my wait for the announcement by the electoral commission ‘fun’ was the picture of the ‘githeri’ man, which was doing rounds on social media. (Githeri, is a mixture of boiled maize and beans, and is a staple food for some). This man, unknowingly became a symbol of national unity quite literally, because Kenyans from all over were united in laughing at this man. See, the man was lining up to cast his vote, and he got hungry. He thought he could well, buy some ‘githeri’ and have it on the line as he waited.

There were chaos in a few places in the country following the presidential announcement, and what hurt the most was seeing how young children were caught in the mayhem of it all. A 6-month old baby was clobbered by police who thought her mother was causing problems. Sadly, she later died after being in the ICU.

Over the years, one of the things I have come to realize, is that it takes a lot more effort to hate someone than to love them. And just because the person who won is not the one you voted for, and may not necessarily be from your tribe, just love. After all, we are all Kenyans and we must build the nation together, regardless of our political standing.

Let’s remember we are all Kenyans, and may peace, love and unity prevail.


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