Ever met someone you instantly click with? Well, yes, I know. You probably have. How about the other way round? You meet, and from a distance, you are sort of weighing the waters, if I may use that word.


It was during my first year after high school that I met her. Seeing her from a distance, she seemed jovial, fun to be with and friendly. She had this endearing smile (like mine, for those who have seen me smile).

I can’t quite remember who made the first move. All I remember is asking if I could be part of her wedding. I helped in ushering. And after the wedding, our friendship started.

You see, before that, I was a friend to her daughters. Today, one of them calls me her young mum. Even beau has a title by virtue of the fact that he is dating me (Haha).

We had our first date. I took her for pizza, and she was so impressed. She used to tell her friends, “Imagine this girl bought me pizza.” My first pedicure was another random date). Our dates became regular. The way we would look forward to these dates, it was just something unexplainable.

Lunch date

Moving closer and being able to share our secrets with each other made me realize just how close we had gotten. If you meet her, she will tell you how much of a ‘mshamba’ I was. She was too;)

We taught each other how to put make up on, I would go to her house and raid her closet. At the beginning of every year I would start saving because I had to get her a present on her birthday, and she had to get me one too. When I was coming to the end of my four year degree course, I knew she was the one I wanted to cut my cake, and on my wedding, I knew she would be there.

She was (still is) the one I would run to with all my ideas, thoughts, worries and everything else. I knew I could share my burdens with her.

Remember: Cast all your burdens unto Jesus because He cares for you 🙂

She was that big sister I always wanted, and now had. I became her little sister.

Then she went. She moved.

I knew she would go, but I just never prepared for it. I had mixed emotions, but it was tough. Who would I go on random dates with? Be myself around? Go for night outs to? And just do the simple things in life?

Despite the many miles, we still know we got each other’s backs.

She is the best thing that happened in my life. Every time I count my blessings, I remember just how God brought us together and made us fit in so well (coz she is 10 years older than me), and it just amazes me.

She is a gem in my life. One person I love and celebrate.




Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

PS: Tell a friend to tell a friend where we meet ?

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