Growing up, whenever I had my earphones on, it was to catch up with the latest in the music world. Now, when someone asks me what I am listening to, it would either be podcasts, or BBC (don’t judge me, thank you).

If there is a buzzword for this year so far, ‘podcast’ is a strong contender. This digital, episodic series trend is bigger than ever before. They’re the perfect thing to listen to on your daily commute to work or school, and even now, while in quarantine. That time of the day that is normally spent being unproductive can now be used to learn and explore something new through an episode.

There is such a vast range of genres available now that you can find episodes on topics from murder mysteries to daily news to church sermons. Deciding which one to listen to next can be a bit overwhelming. So to help you out, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites. 

Try them out and choose what you like most ?


I have been trying to constantly build my relationship with God, and one of the ways is through these.

Elevation With Steven Furtick – Elevation Church

My Monday evening ritual is always to listen to this podcast. It is usually the Sunday service sermon, and I must tell you, there’s a way you will feel like you are attending church – though virtually.

Transformation Church

I started listening to this last year when their theme was Crazy Faith. At the time, I was super scared of doing something I thought I needed to do. I had numerous excuses as to why I couldn’t. Then, listening to these sermons weekly eventually pushed me to do it. To date, I am glad I did (I know I’m being a little cagey about it, but I’ll talk about it soon…I promise).

These sermons are so practical and stuff you can easily relate to. Just try it.


I like knowing that something I aspire to do can be achieved, because people (who are just like me), have done it before.

This Is It – Thee Freelancerist

Well, here we go! I just had to.

I usually record this, edit the audio, upload it, and when it is published, I will be the first to listen to it. Every time I listen to my voice, I smile.

This is for me as much as I make it for you.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Oprah Winfrey

This podcast is all about discovering and connecting to the deeper meaning of the world. The goal is to help you create your best self with some of the biggest spiritual thinkers out there. This is the perfect podcast to re-energize your mind and soul. Also, it’s hosted by Oprah! Yes, THE Oprah! How could you not listen to it?

The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

This show used to be on TV (I don’t remember when though). Now, it’s back as a podcast – actually, the same just in audio version.

The podcast is all about navigating the problems and fears we face. Although recorded a long time ago, the struggles that were in the past are just about similar. This will help you understand and learn what to do.

Real-life stories

I am a huge fan of features.

Committed – Jo Piazza

This is a podcast on hilarious, heartbreaking and inspiring stories of couples of all kinds (quite literally) who have soldiered through unimaginable circumstances, and after the longest of days, still want to wake up next to one another in the morning.

Modern Love – WBUR & The New York Times

Simply put, this is made up of true stories of love, loss, and redemption.

Living Truthfully – Amani Maranga

Amani has never been shy about talking about the issues he goes through as an African man. His is all about authentic conversations revolving around him and men in general, who are discovering self, owning choices, building spirituality, parenting, navigating relationships, work and business.

I have learned so much about what men go through that many times we don’t get to know about.

Once, I lashed out at one of my male friends and throughout the conversation, he kept his cool. The following evening, after listening to one of Amani’s podcasts, I realized I may have been too hard on him. And yes, I had. I didn’t know it, but listening to the podcast changed my thinking.

What are some of your favorite podcasts right now?

See you next week!


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