We have a baby guys! I have wanted to share this news for the longest time possible.  I am so glad I get to share this with you. I know you want all the intricate details. How did it happen, when, and all that… Relax.

Let me start from the beginning…

The due date was some time in January. A week later, the baby had not come. Induction had to take place. And that is when the journey began…

12 hours after being induced, there was no sign of baby coming any time soon. The wait was long. I was in the labor ward the whole day and just being there showed me a lot.

Wait… Before I go on, it wasn’t me getting a baby. It was my sister 🙂

Back to the story… I wasn’t the one experiencing the contractions, but I will tell you for sure, I was feeling it. Ever felt so much pain that you really had no control of? You literally have to just go with the flow, and that’s exactly how we did it.

I say ‘we’ because we are each others support system.

Since I was in the labor ward, I got to interact with other mothers to be. Others were crying, like really crying. You know, I just always hear these stories, but experiencing it firsthand made it just so clear.

At around 7:00 pm, my sister could take it no more. The baby had to come and come then. She was just so tired. This is 22 hours after being induced. Wel, she says she labored for 15 hours… Lakini I was the one counting. So just trust me on this 😉 Weh! It was a long ‘day’.

7:30 pm she was taken to the delivery room after constant screams and shouts as she said the baby was coming.

7:40 pm, our litu bundle of joy made her entrance.

Anyway, just being there throughout the whole process made me think and rethink about whether I really want babies. I am one person who is scared of pain. Physical pain. I try to be very careful not to even hurt myself because well, I just don’t want the pain.

Perspective switch

My whole perspective on motherhood was changed by that day at the hospital.

There’s this saying in Swahili that says, Uchungu wa mwana ajuaye ni mama. This, directly translates to a mother knows her child’s pain (I hope I got it correct). This saying only made sense when I sat in the labor ward.

Then I thought about Adam and Eve, and wondered, what if they hadn’t sinned? Would this be effortless?

After going to the maternity ward from the labor ward, the feeling of holding a baby was so surreal.

I love this baby so much.

That’s when it clicked. The pain is worth it, and yes, after going back and forth, and back again, I want babies. I mean, the pain doesn’t last forever.

Our baby is now two weeks old and the joy she brings is immense. Apart from the crying of course, when she sleeps she is such an angel.

Pure love

In the end, it was worth it. All pain forgotten, a mother’s love towards her child is the purest form of love I know.



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