I was planning on doing a recipe for Valentine’s but then, I got this idea as I was talking to someone about the next restaurant I want to try.

Anyhoo, if you are my follower on Instagram, I’m sure you saw a photo of some good looking food I put up on my Insta stories. I also put it up on Whatsapp status and just about everyone asked me where I had gone. So this is another reason I have decided to answer your questions.

Food Train by SUSHI Soo is heaven! The food that is Japanese-Korean cuisine is also heavenly. I remember one of my followers telling me the food looks like heaven on a plate. So yes, it is very heavenly (okay, enough of using that word).

Accompanied by four other friends, we decided to try this pace out. The restaurant located on the ground floor of Kenrail Towers on Ring Road in Westlands.

We sat outside and got to enjoy the warmth after a fire was lit right beside us. This place is so cool, you can sit, order your favorite drink and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing. You can also go on a date her, it is so inviting and romantic.

I had no idea what I would be eating, and kept on flipping through both the Korean and Japanese menus. I eventually settled on Japanese food (I could understand it better) ?

After ordering, the food came about 20 minutes later. Looking at the food, I was not sure whether I would be satisfied. The fries were a handful much. If you know me, you know I don’t joke with food lol. The pork I ordered was served on a wooden plate.

One of my friends ordered fries that unfortunately took too long to arrive. By the time they came, she was already satisfied after digging into mine. Yes guys, it took more than 30 minutes for her fries to be ready. Every time we asked the waiter, he would say, “Almost.” We were even tempted to just have the fries as take-out. The rest of us were done having our food, when that order finally arrived.

Let me now speak about the pork I had. It was oh so heavenly. They call it Tonkatsu. Basically, it is pork covered in I think breadcrumbs and something. It was heavenly. The coleslaw it came with was also very mhhhm. My taste buds were awakened. The fries, were also very tasty. Something the waiter said is attributed to the fact that they are coated in coconut. They also don’t have that kawaida fries shape. It is unique in all ways.

The food was served hot and the pork had been cut into manageable pieces.

The pricing is also quite affordable and worth it all. Have atleast 2,000 bob on you.
Apart from the time taken before your order arrives. The service is also good.

If you are not sure where it is located, call me and we can go together ?

Until Next Time, All My Love


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