I am on a weight loss journey – but how much of a foodie I am keeps getting in the way of progress.

No… I am not giving up.

This place launched its CBD branch some time last year (or early this year) and I could not wait to try it. When a friend visited Kenya, I decided to let them meet me there. And that is how fam, I got into the new restaurant in town that everyone including news presenters were talking about.

Charlie’s Bistro is located on Wabera street, just opposite the Nairobi City Council. Just standing at the door makes you feel as though you have gotten into a different place. The air is cool, the music penetrating your soul and the waiters and waitresses, from another world.

If you are looking to own a public hangout spot in the city, visit this place for ideas.

I settled for a pizza because a sis was quite hungry after a long day at work. My friend settled for wine – something about not wanting to disappoint his hosts.

I enjoyed myself, until it came to settling the bill. We were using our debit cards and the waiter could not help us make the transaction. He went looking for the manager, which took a long time, and when the manager came, there was no paper to print the receipt…. It took a while.

By the time we were leaving, I was agitated due to my low patience tolerance.

The second time I went with two of my friends – foodies like me. This was on a Friday night – probably not the best time because the place was full! We eventually found a place to sit and a waiter who loved his job so much – Simiyu is his name. He evidently takes pleasure in serving his customers, and ensuring they are comfortable.

This time, I had strawberry milkshake, some fries (not your normal fries) and chicken (again, not your normal chicken). This was good and by the end of the meal, we vowed to go back there.

Third time we were not so lucky. We went earlier and got the place packed. We had no choice but to sit on an really uncomfortable couch. Also, the food that we ordered, (thinking it would taste like the first time we went), disappointed us. The worst part…there were ‘roaches around where we sat (they scare me).

Pay them a visit and try out some of the things they offer on their menu. You will be impressed if not by their food, their drinks.

PS: The views expressed in the above article are my own. Your experience may be different.

Until next time, all my love.


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