It’s basically a new season for me this month. One where I get to explore and experience new things, things that I have been pushing away (in the past) because of fear. This time, I am ready! It’s all about trusting the magic of new beginnings for me.


I got thinking of some of the things that really, really make me happy and they are:

  1. Love – I know this sounds crazy, but honestly, when I’m in love I am happy. Through the ups and downs, the joy that comes with love is undeniable for me.
  2. Babies – My love for babies! Oh my! Being around babies makes me so happy. Their innocence, their cuteness, all wrapped up into a beautiful (or handsome) bundle of joy. I end up wanting babies of my own.
  3. Traveling – I love seeing new places and adventures. Take me anywhere and boy, trust me we will have a great time. Road trip anyone?
  4. Reading – My solace is found in books. I tend to lose myself and let go, becoming deeply engrossed in the novel I am reading. I have a library of some sort in the house.
  5. Baking and Cooking – Trying out new things in the kitchen, (even when they don’t turn out so well) makes me so happy. I literally take photos of the whole process, just to show off that I am actually (dear future husband…) ‘wife material’.
  6. Seeing others happy – There is a certain aura of happiness that radiates the room when everyone around you is happy, even when you (I included) are not happy. When the people around me are happy, it makes me really happy too.
  7. Weddings – Seeing the bride walking down the aisle in her gown makes me so happy, and I always can’t wait for the next wedding. Mine will be coming up really soon.
  8. Music – This is healing to the soul. Many times I will just put a song and play it over and over, the whole day. It’s one of those things that make me really happy on the inside-out.

Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval.


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