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We’re Going To Need More Wine

One of my favorite actresses of all time has to be Gabrielle Union. When I got her book as a birthday present this year, I was excited to get into it. I had intended to get a bottle of wine just as the title suggests, but I somehow kept putting it off until…

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Finding Hope In The Detours Of Life

If there is something 2020 has given me, it has been more time. More time to especially grow, in all aspects of that phrase. I have been able to read a lot more, away from the one book a month thing I already had going on. I am currently on book 18 and…

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What is success for you? In your view, how do people become successful? It’s honestly more than the story you get to hear. It’s more than just being smart, or fit, or whatever else you have heard out there from successful people.  And this is what Malcolm Gladwell, the author, tries to explain….

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