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Easy Home Made Caramel Popcorn Recipe

I have been craving caramel popcorn on and off for like a month now, but only decided to make it today 😅 My first time having ‘caramel popcorn’ was when I was visiting my uncle. His wife would make us popcorn with sugar. Yes, that’s how I knew it as, for such a…

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What To Wear With Skinny Jeans

We’re starting to go outside again. While some of us have got our outside outfits figured out, some of us are just trying to look like we belong😅.  Skinny jeans are a classic style and a wardrobe staple. If you are reading this, I am sure you have at least one pair of…

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How To Wear Mom Jeans In 5 Different Ways

Jeans have been in the industry since forever. Today, many of the jeans styles we have are thanks to the 80s. The styles, such as mom jeans, have evolved over time and continue to be in fashion when paired correctly. Mom jeans, to be precise, are the most flattering jeans you can have….

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Blogmas Day 2: 5 Ways To Style Your Turtleneck

There’s something about a turtleneck that feels very…I have no word for that feeling. But the feeling it gives you is the kinda cozy casual yet still glamorous feeling. It gives you a sense of warmth, but not too bulky in case it gets too hot outside. Known for pairing perfectly with jeans,…

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Shnack!!Crepes My Way

I was going through last year’s posts and realized that I didn’t do much in regards to food, as I had thought I had done. I thought I had documented everything – from my cooking adventures to eating out and sampling various restaurants within my area… but no. And that’s entirely on me….

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Current Favorite: Kitenge/Ankara Off-Shoulder Dress

I had always associated vitenges with maturity. One would have a kitenge once they reach a certain age. I vowed not to dress in a kitenge even when I eventually reached that age. That is until the Ankara craze came into being. It ultimately hit me so hard, and although it has a…

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