Just like everyone else on social media, I surrendered to the #10YearChallenge that has been going on worldwide on social media. Believe me, when I wrote this, it was still going on. It has now gone to 80s, 90s, 2000s which is almost just about the same. If you are on social media, you have definitely seen this, and if you are not well, now you know! (Hi mama! ?

10 years for your girl has been one filled with a lot of. It has been a good journey so far.

This girl was a teenager. 13 years old and just trying to understand everything that comes with teenagehood. I had cleared primary school the year before and in January of 2009, we gathered together with all my primary classmates for a thanksgiving. I remember sitting there waiting to receive my prize and then my father coming to me and telling me that I had just received admission to high school.

Your girl had short hair. When you are dealing with hair as hard as mine, you know just how much of a struggle it is to maintain it especially without the use of straighteners. I had to cut my hair short for the four years I was in high school y’all. Within the 10 years, I have done almost everything with my hair. (I will be talking about my hair journey in a different post soon, so look out for it).

I was still budding. I always envisioned myself growing to my mother’s height and body when she was my age. That did not go as planned though. I am the shortest in our fam and have come to be happy about how I turned out.

I had to ask my parent’s for permission to go places. Many times, they would not let me go. Now, your girl makes decisions and informs the ‘rents.

My parents provided for me in every aspect. I needed this, they would get me. Over the years, that has changed to a point I am now on my own. What I want, I get. They support me from behind.

I could go on and on about just how much has changed in the 10 years. Thanks to good cameras and make-up, some of us have also discovered how close to being light-skinned we are ?

Through it all, the ten years have been a journey of falling, rising, self-discovery and most of all love. In the 10 years, I have lost friends along the way, I have made new ones and even renewed other relationships.  

I am actually writing this smiling, nodding and actually just realizing how much God has been a part of my whole journey. He has walked with me, clothed me, provided for me, given me all that I have. He is the one person that has remained the constant factor in these 10 years. As I have grown older, I have come to realize just how much of a role He has played and continues to play.

Someone told me they could not wait to see me in the next 10 years with an even bigger smile because of all that would have happened. I got thinking of just how much I hope to be in the next 10. I cannot wait for all it holds. The memories, the relationships, the growth…

What is that one thing that has been the most positive in the last 10? Lemme know on the comment section below.

Thank you so much for reading this, and being part of my 10 year challenge. Until next week, all my love.


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  1. ??Great reflections. Best of all is the fact that God has walked wth you n continues to walk with you.

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