I went to church today!

Just noticed I am writing this on a Sunday and by the time this post goes up you guys will be wondering how come I went to church on a Friday.

Anyways, I was in church this past Sunday. I have been going to church, but this… See, I have not been this excited about church for quite a while (since moving here)… Story for another day.

The sermon is what even drew me more. It was practical, and something I want to speak to you guys about today, a bit in depth.

Other than the physical features we have inherited from our folks, there is more we have taken. Our characteristics and behaviors. I am a female version of my father. Literally. There are however those characteristics that I have not only taken from my dad, but my mom too.

Sunday just made them more pronounced…


No matter how long it takes for me to do something, I get it done. Something I have gotten from my parents. I was not raised to be a quitter. So if it takes me having more time to get a certain thing done, then that is just what will happen. It’s something I didn’t think I had taken from my folks until today when I actually spoke about it as a strength I have and then realized where I get it from.


I would say I have both of these characteristics. Now this, I am still trying to figure out which is more pronounced than the other. At some point I didn’t want to be a teacher because well, teachers have to repeat stuff to students until they grasp it. I get fed up when I am trying to explain something to someone and he/she is not getting it then I have to repeat myself. In my line of work now, I have had to train people for the task ahead of them. How I do it, I still do not know. His Grace remains to be Sufficient.


Dad is always saying, “Don’t have the bora tu mentality.” If you are gonna do something, ensure you do it to the best of your ability. Not just doing it for the sake. I handle quite a lot and sometimes I feel like I am giving one of the things less than 100%. Pap’s words are always pushing me to be a better person.


There are those introductions where you don’t just say your name, but also a little about you. I always added I am shy, to which people did not really take me seriously. When I tell my fam the same thing every time I need to do something out of my comfort zone, they always disagree. I actually realized I just use that as an excuse.

I am just like my father in this. His courage and boldness is what I carry. Even when speaking to someone I do not know. I have realized this with time.

Our childhood upbringing has a huge role in how we are as individuals now.


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  1. I am like my mom. (In many ways) Just like serendipity works , I found a jewel in her because I knew I was one?. The apple fell nearer

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