Welcome back people! Sorry, it’s taken a bit too long for this piece to come out, but it is finally here! ??
If I was to sum up how the year has been, it would be in one word: great! I have fallen, I have risen, I have been broken, I have learned many lessons, and my relationships have grown stronger.


Something I am thankful for thus far is the first writing job I ever got. The first time someone actually trusted me enough to write for them. It has been a good journey, and something that has enabled me to grow in my writing too. This was the first job I got a few months after starting my blog, and is something I do to date.

This year I was fortunate enough to get a job, a few months into the year. It was a good opportunity for me to network, and learn. I had been battling with a lot, and even shared with my parents how drained I felt by it all. I however decided to hang in there. Four months into the job, I got a promotion! I then got to a point where I just could not go on. This was the point I had hoped not to get to. I was at a breaking point, and so close to depression. I had held it in too much, and just decided I had to do it if I wanted to survive. I remember walking to the office with a notice of resignation. I could not wait for the 30 days to come to an end as I felt suffocated every single day. Exactly three months later, I quit. I simply walked into the office and announced that I was leaving that day. My mind was made up.

A week later, I started working as a writer again. When I mentioned the whole story to one of my friends, all they said was, “You are favored.” This is something I believe I am. It was all in God’s plan. When I was battling not to get into depression, He held me and made sure I did not fall. Looking back, I realize it could have been worse. Never judge those who attempt to run away from depression by taking their lives. Help them. Depression is real.


I hadn’t really settled in a church. I kept on wanting to go to a church whose values were close to what I was raised to believe. A church that made me feel welcomed, a place where I could connect with the Lord, not just on a surface level, but at a deeper level. When C invited me to the church he went to, I at first just went to see what it was all about. I loved it, and now I can say that a year plus since moving to the city, I actually found a church!


Taking risks has become part and parcel of my life. When I initially wanted to quit the job I had, I decided that I was going to make blogging full time, and continue supporting myself. I knew it would not amount to what I was getting, but in my mind, I had to make it work. When I wrote the notice of resignation, I was not going to work anywhere else. I had even decided that I would go on holiday and just reflect.


There was a point where I just left all my relationships to God because in as much as I wanted them to work and us to be in a good place, it is only the Lord who knew. I have seen God work through it all, and one thing is for sure, if it is His will, nothing will stop it from happening. I have seen Him continue to work in our lives. Trust Him and trust the process.

Lessons learned

There are those who are for you, and there are those against you. Choose wisely.

In as much as it is good to be open, never reveal too much to those who you are not sure of. It may cost you one day.

There are friends who simply want to use you and dump you afterward. Get to know people before making mistakes that could have been avoided.

Take risks. It is the only way you will know if you have always wanted to do was worth it.

Trust God. He alone knows your future.

Q & A

What keeps you going/committed to what you do when all else is falling apart?

I have gotten to a point where I feel like giving up. What kept me going is my passion. At times ideas just strike and in the midst of all that is falling apart, what I do gives me comfort. It is the one place I can immerse myself without worrying that someone will come and pull me out.

Advice to young people planning to start out in life in terms of career?

Know your passion, go after it. Do not wait to be employed to make money out of the job you get. Let your passion build your experience, and ultimately, who knows? It could just be your source of income.

Tips on surviving Nairobi life as a young tuck?

Going to Nairobi, I decided I was going to be me, and do me. If someone thought I was behaving a little ‘mshamba’ that was theirs to deal with. I have never tried to fit in and be someone I am not. So be you and do you. Those around you will eventually come to appreciate you for who you are.

Values of a true friend… What nots about friendship?

A true friend for me is someone who you can depend on, someone who is always there for you, someone who does not judge you, but takes you for who you are, and loves you for who you are. Friendship is never one-sided, and for it to work, both parties must be in it.

A huge thank you to you my pips for being with me throughout the year and witnessing my joys and sorrows. Thank you for your comments and likes. 2019 is gonna be an even greater year! See you on the other side!



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  1. This is insightful. It’s hard to tell you were dealing with all this given your bubbly personality. Glad you came through the other side stronger.

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