The recent happenings by fourth formers at a certain boys’ high school made me reminisce on my final days of high school. No, we didn’t insult the cabinet secretaries or record a video, but burning books, we did. That was one of the joys of finishing school.It symbolized the end of an era.

The national results will be out in no time, and we will be sending our daughters, sons, friends, nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers or even neighbors, to campus. We may have all these fears for them, but ultimately, it is up to them to make decisions on their own.

When I was in high school, I looked forward to the time I would join campus. Finally I would have my freedom. See, I was in this high school we students referred to as a ‘prison’ of some sort. The rules, the food, the punishments, it was… well, let’s just leave it at that. Putting the last full stop on the final paper that sunny day in November, for me carried a mixture of emotions. I had made a family in the school, that I was leaving. I did not know what my results would look like, or what I would study. On the other hand though, I was super glad I had closed that page of my life.

Walking out of those gates with some of my belongings (as I had given out most of them) and seeing my father and siblings waiting for me was the best day of my life. I still remember it so well, and how happy I felt.Well, the months flew by and the results were finally released. In no time, I had to go to college.

Look at me right there

I had heard all these stories of how people go to campus ‘spoilt’. I termed it as peer pressure, and sitting on the other side, you don’t know what really happens until you are on the it. Thankfully, I wasn’t so alone because I met my childhood friend. We soon started off where we left over 10 years prior to our meet up.

I got my first boyfriend while in my first year of campus. I say serious because prior to that, in high school, we used to write letters to our brother school and other neighboring boys schools, and some of them would say how cute I was and how much they loved me, to which I would reply I loved them too, even though I never got to meet some of them face to face. So, here I was in campus with my boyfriend. He was not in the same campus as I was in, but since he was in the same town, we would meet up often times.

The relationship went steady for about three months, but had to end because well, he moved to go to campus, and in his own words, thought we were lying to each other. I was so broken. Looking back, when anyone asks me about why my first relationship ended, my words are always: “We were too young for love.” I was 18, he was 19. Makes sense.

Anyway, that closed and three months later, I met another guy. This time, one who was three years older than me. This relationship taught me a lot. This one lasted almost all through all my campus years, on and off. It was almost three years later when it ended. When asked about this relationship, I say: “I was a fool.” This is where the love is blind phrase really makes sense for me.

Then there was this craze of ‘sponsors.’ I once remember accompanying my friend to dinner. Interestingly, I didn’t get any ‘sponsors’ at the time. Remember this Of sponsors and sponserees?

There was having to sleep with lecturers for marks. Something that did not get to me. I sat for all my exams and ensured I got out with good grades, through my effort.

It is campus that taught me valuable lessons that are helping me navigate life. I had to make decisions, I had to stand my ground many times, I slowly had to learn how to say no, and through it all, I managed to maintain my sanity.

On my graduation

I know the blog has been all over the place. Anyway, it was a whole load of my campus life in a few words.

I’ll be writing 12 blog posts between now and Christmas. 12 Days of Christmas. Any ideas are welcome ?

Thank you so much for your support. See you next time ❤


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  1. ??? these relationships and how you have the different phases all marked out hahahahaha….. Love it Siz!!!

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