At 40, he was still a single man, who was only interested in running his business and becoming one of the most successful business men, eventually featuring in the Forbes magazine. His kind of thinking worried his mother a lot. You see, having had Huru in her 40s, she wanted to see her grandchildren, to enjoy them, before it became too late.

Of course Huru had been in relationships in the past. They just did not seem to work out. One girl was just after his money, the other was too irresponsible (in his view), the other too independent, and yes, there was this particular one who was too good to be true. Well, she ended up cheating on him and he found out just before proposing to her. These all left him uninterested when it came to matters of the heart.

The cold Christmas weather did not affect him at all, and unperturbed by the wind billowing outside, he still left the house to go to work. There was nothing much to do, but being surrounded by the four walls of his office made him get the fulfilment he needed (or so he thought). He hadn’t even settled down when his mother called to ask whether he would be attending the traditional Christmas family dinner. An hour later, his mother calls to tell him what to wear. “I’ve got a nice young lady who will be joining us this evening. I’m sure you’ll love her,” she said with pleasure.

Over lunch, Huru decided to walk over to the candy store which was five minutes from his office. As he walked, he thought about how his life had been this far. He was successful in his career, but something seemed to lack. His life was like a schedule. Waking up at six every morning, getting to the office at eight, working till nine, going home and sleeping. For over five years, this is what he had subjected himself to, blocking out his friends who had since decided to take him out of the picture. ‘Is this the kind of life I want to live till the very end?’ he wondered to himself.

Just as he entered the store a five year old girl came running towards him. She had big blue eyes and had her blond hair in pig-tails. When she saw him, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and all the candy she had fell. As tears welled in her eyes, Huru bought more candy and gave it to the girl. She instantly lit up, revealing gaps, where her teeth had been removed. She was the sweetest little thing Huru had ever set his eyes on.


All this time, he wondered who this child was, and where her mother could be. Had she been running away from her mother? Was she a street child looking for an easy way to get fed?



———————TO BE CONTINUED———————————–



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