Some things make me super emotional – things that do not concern me, which I see or stumble upon. The past few weeks, these two things have not only been on my mind, but have brought out my angry side, and a little of my super soft side.

Now, I would normally not speak about this here, but there’s a shift guys…


When I heard someone mention that a high school girl had been killed by her boyfriend, I just could not believe it. Then I saw it on Twitter and it angered me. You know growing up there was this thing about ladies ati when they say ‘no’ they subtly mean yes and stuff. Is this what is still going on?

What are we teaching our boys? How are we bringing up our boys? Is it because we subtly promote such through the music we enjoy and sing along to?

Reading through the newspapers as I gathered more on the story, it is said that this girl was returning a Chemistry book to the boy. There, the boy made sexual advancements that the girl was having none of. This angered him and he stabbed her with a knife he was using. What makes it even worse is that he went to the kitchen to take another knife and stabs he rover 20 times.

A while back I told you guys about how someone tried groping me. I mentioned how since that day I get very nervous when I’m walking and a guy comes too close.

We honestly can’t keep normalizing this sort of madness. The inhumane disregard for girls, women and even some men too just has to stop. The violence that is going on is not something we can just tweet or talk about alone anymore. No. We need action. We need a 180-degree change.

This could have been anyone – you, your sister, mother, aunt, daughter, niece or even grandmother. This is not right. It must stop!

Kanye West

Kanye recently gave his life to Christ – and I must add, much to the shock of a lot of people.

To be honest, I have been surprised and a little disappointed by how many of us Christians, have reacted to this.

And it got me thinking. In the church, when an altar call is made and someone walks to the front or raises their hand to receive Christ, we celebrate with them, even though we don’t know them. In the church, we are glad that at least one lost sheep has come to the saving knowledge of the Lord. Yet we do not know who this person is, where they are from, or the ‘sins’ they have committed.

How hard is it then for us to celebrate with Kanye, instead of saying how fake it is, how his wife’s family is not made up of Christians or how we are waiting for him to backslide?

It just confuses me. We are quick to judge the people we think we know, and happy for someone we barely know. Well, those are just my thoughts.

I watched him have a conversation with Joel Osteen, and he talked about how he had been raised in the church. He even went on to say how God is using him for his glory, through his music.

Looking at him, he has a long way to go in the salvation journey. But you know what? I am happy for him.

God can use anyone for His glory.

If it is fake as many people think, I pray that through it all, there will be those that will be drawn to God and His power.

Ultimately, it’s all for the glory and honor of God.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to know. Please leave them below.

Until next time, all my love



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