Happy new year peeps!! How has the first month of the new decade taken you?

I took time off just to regroup, refresh and bring the best version of myself to this new decade! A lot has happened this past month and I’ll be sharing with you guys as we go on. But for now, let me just talk about what has been on my mind a lot these past few days and months.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday! ?

I digress, here we go:


Kobe Bryant’s death shook many of us. Although not a basketball fan, I love basketballers maybe coz of their height ?? and so when I saw just how many basketballers talked about him, it filled me with so much emotion.

Through it all though, it served as a reminder. A reminder that we are all on a path towards death. We just don’t know when. And while we know we are headed there, why not make the best of the life you got? Why not be the best at what you do? Why not stop making those excuses that you can’t. I mean, we only got one life and This Is It 😉


How often do you go for regular medical checkups? Ama you’re like some of us who only wait to fall sick to go get checked?

This past month I got a cold and as a result, my sinusitis flared. See, I’ve always known I had sinusitis, and the last time I was told if the medz didn’t work, I would have to go through minor surgery.

In my head, because it’s not life-threatening, I have just been indefinitely postponing going to the doctors. But wueh guys, I experienced something like no other, and although I still haven’t gone for any medical checkup by the time you read this, trust me, I will be doing just that.


There is always so much to talk about when it comes to relationships. Lakini this past month I’ve just been thinking… How deep is one’s love for you, that they are willing to literally sacrifice what they have known all their life, just to keep you safe? Can you do that for someone you love?

Keeping relationships flourishing and healthy, as I’ve realized, is no joke. And yes, it requires a lot of sacrifice on both sides.


Mahn! Adulting is hard. I was telling my fam the other day because I don’t have all 32 teeth an adult is supposed to have, I am yet to be an adult lol.

Truth is though, there are so many decisions I have been faced with in this new year. A lot will fall into perspective as I talk about it all in the weeks to come, but wueh. There are times I have tossed and turned in bed at 4am, just thinking of all possibilities to stuff. Adulting ain’t easy.

But then again, what I’ve learned to do is to cast all my cares and burdens to the Lord. Ultimately, He’s the one who gives guidance and wisdom. And even now as I type this, there’s a certain feeling of peace that I have, although I don’t have answers to every minute detail in the situation I am trying to workaround.


I’m sure you’ve heard a story or two about how a person you thought was strong in the faith made a mistake and sort of backslid. What did you think? I’ll tell you what I thought when I was younger. I was always surprised and wondered how a man/woman of faith would do such a thing.

Now, I have grown up to realize that born-again Christians are just like everyone else. They go through struggles and sometimes fall. I have come to know that sin is not far from us. It, in fact, is always so close to us. However, what makes it different is the power of the Holy Spirit that convicts, guides and so much more.

All I’m saying is, do not be too quick to ‘judge’ someone who has fallen. Embrace them and pray for them. You never know the whole story.

That’s it from me. See you next week!


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