I bet we have all been in love, and by in love I mean IN LOVE. Like you can’t picture yourself without him/her, your life revolves around them and you want to be involved in every part of their lives. I’m talking about the first few months at the start of a new relationship. Damn! The excitement.Anyway, there are those things we have found ourselves doing and later when you tell someone else you did this or that, they are like, “Oh well, it’s because you’re in love.” or, “It will wear out with time hunny.”


1. Text all day

During the first few months, this was a ritual.

So I have always been the texting girl and technically well, the first few months, that’s what beau and I used to do. Text all day. “Morning,” “I love you,” “I’m out of the house,” “What do you think about…”… The convos were endless.

That has of course changed as the relationship has progressed and now, he will tell you, “I was wooing her in then (namuingiza box) I’m not now.” Haha

2. Wake each other up in the middle of the night to simply talk

I couldn’t get enough of beau and so even after we talked and ended our conversations with “Goodnight,” we would literally wake up at 3a.m and text each other. Funny, right? He would either text me and I would hear the phone buzz and wake up, or it would be the other way round.

These days, considering I sleep late,  I sleep like a log and only wake up when my alarm goes off. How things change.

3. Compromise a lot

In every relationship there has to be compromise of course, but it gets to a level where you’re doing it because your relationship is in it’s first stages and you don’t want to jeopardize anything. You get?

So like there was this time I wanted beau to come over, he had chest pains, he didn’t tell me because he knew I was going to be disappointed, and he still ended up coming despite him being uncomfortable health wise.

Time has changed the sort of compromises we make. We have matured. Kwanza me.

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4. Talk, even when the situation isn’t quite right

There are times when you get home and you are completely tired and your phone battery is low. So what do you do? You put it on the charger, take a shower, make some tea, and sleep (at least that’s what I do). Just when you are about to sleep, you remember you have to talk to your ‘oxygen’. Remember, the phone is dying.

Well, these days, a simple text does it all.

5. Celebrate monthversaries

“It’s been a month of us being together, yay!! Happy monthversary!”

It is a huge achievement, but when you near the one year mark and move past one year, the monthversaries don’t really exist anymore. It’s just, anniversaries that do.


Generally there’s some excitement that comes with new relationships that soon fades out. Not to say that the relationship loses taste, it just grows into a different path.

So what did you guys start by doing in the early stages of your relationship that simply wore out?





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