Just the other day, I decided to check up on someone I considered a friend. We caught up and all, and then they asked for a favor that I gladly did because well, I considered them a friend. The second time this happened, I was a little skeptical about doing the favor because I didn’t believe them. In my mind, I was just a friend to them when they needed help. The funny thing however, is that I still did it. I just couldn’t say no. I took myself to the same situation… again.

Getting into my mid-twenties has filled me with so much fear because I just don’t know whether I’m well prepared. As I get closer and closer to the big 30 (in a few years), I want to make the best of that. The only way I realize I’ll be able to do that, is in learning and unlearning a few things.

What I am sharing with you guys today are a few things of what I have learned, and a few of what I am still learning. Trust me, this is for both us. It is all a process.

Kwa leo, mnaweza niita Professor ?

Don’t follow the crowd

Go where no one has gone and seek to be different. Take risks because you only got one life to live. Also, do not be afraid to change directions in the course of your journey. Do you boo!

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Learn anything and everything

This is the best time to spend reading and gaining knowledge, not just in your area of interest, but in other areas too. There is so much to learn – not just in academics, but in life. Be open to learning and you will go a long way.

Be faster, stronger, smarter and most importantly, kinder

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “You’re young. You can do it.” Whoever told you that is right. In everything you do, do it will diligence, and as quick as possible. In it all, remember to be kind to those around you. This is a small world.

Learn to think clearly – not just ‘think differently.’

Even as you seek to be different, remember to use your brain. You may be at that point in your life where you just want to do your own thing for example, and not be employed. But what if you quit without thinking through your future? What happens then?

Think before you leap.

Choose who to spend your time with, carefully

Not everyone deserves your time. Do not spend one more minute of your life with someone who makes you feel like you are less than you are.

It is something that may be hard to comprehend, but trust me, this is so true. I am still struggling with this and I keep going back to point zero after making up my mind to choose wisely.

Don’t compare yourself to others

If you haven’t listened to my episode on comparison, This is It! Understand that no one has it all figured out. Everyone’s journey is different. And the sooner you understand that, you will be freed from so much.

Travel as much as you can

Make memories. Do what makes you happy. I am trying to incorporate travelling into my yearly budget because well… This is the time to do it.

Learn to accept and love yourself first

No one’s perfect – not even me. Love yourself and affirm just how beautiful, smart and wonderful you are – until you believe it. Love starts from within before it is emanated. Love yourself a little harder.


Learn to say no with confidence

“What will they think of me if I say no?” That should not be any of your worries. Stand up for what you believe in. Seek to stand out and not fit in. In the end, it will save you from so much.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths

I am one shy person. But no one believes this – coz I turned it into a strength. Push yourself a little harder and work on your weaknesses.

Don’t rack up debt

Steer clear of getting yourself into debt. Live within your means and don’t get caught up in the cycle of buying expensive things to keep up with trends.

I’ll say it again. Live within your means.

Take care of your body

Whatever taking care of your body means to you, do it. If it is establishing a regular skincare routine, do it. If it taking 2 litres of water daily, do it. If it is exercising, do it. If it is living a life that is pleasing to God, do it. You’ll be thankful when you get to 40.

Usijiachilie. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Keep that in mind.

Build upon friendships

Not everyone you hang out with is your friend. However, treasure those who are the real ones. Don’t burn bridges because these are the people who will be there for you in the years to come.

As you get older, the lesser friends you make, and many times the friendships you made while young are the ones that last.

Forgive yourself

For the many times you go back to making the same mistakes over and over again, forgive yourself. For the times you have not taken care of yourself, haven’t loved yourself or even burned friendship bridges, forgive yourself. For the times you have thrown yourself into debt or even followed the crowd, forgive yourself and start afresh.


Lastly, Live. Laugh. Love

Until next time, all my love


Let's be friends. Let's hang out every week, catch up, and just have a good time.

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