Let me start off by saying how thankful and grateful I am for you people. I am overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes and have tried responding to as many as I can. If I haven’t replied to yours, trust me I will.
I am in my mid-twenties guys! I don’t know how I feel for real. A part of me feels a little pressure, I mean with age comes more expectations, and another part of me feels well, excited. “This Is It,” is my mantra.

This stems from some of the lessons I learnt in my younger (by a year) self. For me, the key to tackling some of the tough tasks that lay ahead of me is simple, to just do it because, this is it. I am not waiting until I am ready, because I have figured, I will never be. I am not waiting for the right time either. I will just do it because, #ThisIsIt.
Last year, I feel like I grew up. Immensely. And so I am starting this new year with some personal reflections of some lessons that I learnt — both painfully and gleefully — throughout the year.

Good things take time
I am one of those people who gets fed up very easily especially when things are not working out. This past year, I have had to practice this a lot. It just had to sink in somehow. I have come to appreciate the power of waiting. I have been made to wait for things that ideally do not take long to come, just to teach me patience. By now, I was even sure some things would have happened, but I now know that even though they have not happened, delay does not mean denial.
Forgive yourselfForgiveness is never easy, especially when you have to forgive yourself. This past year saw me mess up, take a few wrong turns and make a few stupid choices. In the past, my natural inclination would have been to sink into regret. This past year however, I learnt to cut myself some slack by forgiving myself a little more and experience the joy and freedom of living guilt-free.
No one thinks I am naïve, not even me. Until some situations came my way and I realized I actually am. I realized just how trusting I was in so many circumstances that would require more thought. In my naivety, I came face-to-face with the human potential for evil and learnt some great lessons. I learnt not to be too trusting. The biggest lesson was, not everyone that laughs with you is on your side, some may be simply laughing at you.
Bad guys rarely winI learnt in my 23rd, to do good to others, even if it is not the fashionable thing to do. In a world full of evil, I learnt to remain graceful even when it made more sense to avenge.Laugh this stuff offIn my twenty-third year, I have been accused of the most atrocious things. I generally portray a strong personality which comes out through the huge smile I have on my face even when I am serious. I have been hurt by rumors and false accusations and my credibility even attacked, just because of my friendly nature. I have cried behind closed doors, but I have also learnt some great lessons, just laugh some of this stuff off and simply put, let it slide. 

Stand your groundFor the first time in my life, I can boldly say that this past year saw me stand my ground.I learnt to make decisions and boldly stand by them. I mastered the art of letting people know that my “no” means just that, a “no,” and remain strong in my convictions. There is nothing as great as knowing that I am being true to myself.As this year starts, it is #ThisIsIt for me. I have this feeling that a lot will happen. I just do not know what. All in all, it’s gonna be a great year. To many more years of being me, being bold, and doing it. Because, #ThisIsIt.Thanks again for your birthday wishes and presents. I am accepting gifts all month long ?

Until next week, all my love.


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