When I realized I would be working from home for a while, I literally began to fantasize about the projects I could now complete while in the house, and of course, the series and movies I would catch up on. I made a mental schedule of all the things that I would do with the extra hours a day that I would no longer spend commuting.

That night, I went and made a list of my ‘quarantine movie/series list’ and kept a mental note of all the things I would do. I went into planning mode and looked at how I could ‘benefit’ from this much-needed rest for me, although it came at an unexpected time.

In my mental schedule, I set aside some 30 minutes every day for a home workout. Then I would make breakfast, and work for the rest of the morning, take a break at lunchtime, read a book in the evening, have another small workout session and then make dinner and watch.

A month later, not everything has stuck. I am still planning to do so much, and have only been able to do what I can from all the plans I made. I have realized that it is a little unmanageable than I actually thought it would be.

Truth is, there has been so much pressure – from all avenues – to grow, pick a new habit, get in shape, organize, become a great cook and learn something new. The message almost everywhere is for one to use this time they now have working or studying from home, to be more productive.

I have been tagged in numerous social media challenges, and many times, failed to do them. Just today, I was tagged in a push-up challenge, and it took me a while before deciding whether I would ignore it like all the others, or take it up.

But amid a global pandemic that has upended nearly every facet of modern life, it is becoming harder and harder to get things done.

In the best of times, it is usually tough to be productive, let alone now with a global crisis. I have so much time available during the day (and even night), and this is fantastic! But it’s the opposite of luxury. I’m home because I have to be home, and because of this, I have realized that I give much less attention to what I had planned to do, as I live through this.

Some have been able to be productive and push themselves to do so much, some have been able to do just what they can, to live by, and some are simply just taking each day as it comes…and that’s okay.

Although I seek to be productive, I am trying to come to terms with just being in the moment and not worrying about what I have no control over.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matt 6:34

For every day that you are alive and healthy, be grateful and don’t worry. God’s got us all the way. 

This Too Shall Pass.

Stay Safe!


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  1. Very true also not to give into pressure. I love the way you have incorporated the Bible Verse. Good job girl. Keep it up.??? I’m still your number one fan?

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