Happy International Women’s Day to all of you ladies reading this. May we continue to be bold and make strides that only we can! I celebrate y’all ?

When I think of simplifying God’s love for humankind, my father’s love for me comes up. He is one of the constant blessings that I am grateful to have in my life. His love fam runs deep.

I cannot think of a need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s love.

This man has instilled values in me that I am grateful for.

Love and friendship

Whenever my siblings and I would get into fights, dad made us apologize to each other and get back to playing with each other.

“Love each other because you will depend on each other long after you have left this house,” he would say. 

He is a very intentional man when it comes to friendships. Not just his, but in getting to know our friends. My first friend is as a result of his friendship with my friend’s parents.


I tell people I am naturally a shy person, and no one believes that, not even my parents. But honestly, I am. Anyway, dad has been that person who has pushed me many times when I thought I could not make it. Before something major, he prays with and for me and one of the prayer items is that I gain the courage to do whatever it is. He then drums how bold I am into my head until I end up believing it. And that’s how I am able to overcome many of my fears.

The balance between saving and ‘enjoying’

As kids, dad would put aside some money for us every week, as part of our savings. When I turned 18, he gave it all to me and told me to go open a bank account and save. I was in campus and there were instances I wanted to spend my money on a few things. In it all, I had to remember to save because, where was I going to get more funds to fill up the bank account?

Now that I am working, I have had to sit down and literally plan my finances. In the end, I always ensure that I am saving a certain percentage every month.

Even in saving, dad always says that life is short. So it’s not all about saving, but also enjoying your hard earned money – responsibly. I recently wanted to indulge in a little activity, then I remembered I could still use a cheaper way of doing it and save a few coins.

Knowing my worth

Last year I went through a tough spot that got me complaining and crying a lot. At some point, it was just too much for me. This is the time since I left home that I think my parents were so worried about me. They would call almost every day.

They are the ones I complained to a lot about my situation. When I felt enough was enough, I told them and dad’s words were simple: “Know your worth. Do not stay in a situation that is draining you. You have a home and we are here for you”. These words made me cry… But in a good way.

Giving my all

There are times you do something and deep down you feel you have not done it justice. In everything, dad taught me to always give it my best shot. In giving my best, I know that even if it didn’t work out the way I expected it to, it was not my fault.

If you are not going to give it your best, do not do it. Stop before you start.

Are there any values you picked up from your father or father-figure? What values would you pass down to your children? Lemme know down below.

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Until next week, all my love.


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  1. awesome work my dad told me the same that my plate is still there once I have had enough

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