I won’t lie, I totally got this idea from Wanjiru – she did this thing and I thought, “This is genius!” All I do is just take a quick photo of what I’m wearing in the mirror each time or have my sister (which I did), to take a photo, so why not share? Sometimes, they’ll make it to Instagram, but often, they don’t. As much as I’d love to do full shoots of all of these, I don’t have a live-in photographer.

The real reason I wanted to share these outfits is that they are outfits that I interchange and wear almost regularly, depending on where I am going. Easy stuff, often black pants, and I wanted to give you guys a better idea of what my day to day style is like – I hope you like it!


Black Top| Black Pants| African Print Kimono

I wore this to a wedding and thought it looked really cute. I decided to redo the same and take more snaps while at it. The kimono just gives it an extra vibe and well, you can tell why, yes?


Black Top (similar)| Black Pants (similar)| Grey Sweater

I needed to run a few errands out of the house and the weather wasn’t so favorable. So I pulled out the pants and top and decided to spice up the look with a different colored sweater. It ended up looking well put together!


Purple Off-Shoulder Top| White Tutu

Now, I wore to my elder sister’s wedding last year. I have tried to redo the same outfit to other functions, and over a year later, it fits perfectly! I thought of wearing it to church then realized it would be a little extra – but still had to snug a pic!


Cream Jumpsuit| Black Top

Get you a jumpsuit that you can overlay, or simply wear without overlays, depending on where you are going. I always overlay this jumpsuit with a black top or black turtleneck – this way, I feel comfortable.

That’s it for today. I hope you are having a great Christmas.

Merry Christmas! ?

Until next time, all my love


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