Working from home is one of the best things that happened to me in 2020! I know, I know, most times we tend to talk about how bad the year has been. But hey, there’s been a few positives.

The thing is though, with working from home, it has been quite a challenge for me to stay healthy and active while home the whole day.

We are into month #7, and I think I have now figured out how to manage this new way of life.

Now that I do the same thing just about every day, I started a sort of routine, for the day! I wanted something that I could loosely follow every day to create some healthy, productive habits while also not absolutely hating my life all day long. Am I the most productive person ever? Absolutely not. There are days when I scroll through each social media app for hours and realize I haven’t done anything I was to do.

But I’ve noticed these simple steps have helped me stay on track throughout the day with work and make my evenings a lot better too! Here are a few things I’ve implemented into my day that have made going through the motions of stay-at-home life a little easier.

Go for a walk

I try to take a few minutes each day to work out, but I don’t always achieve that. However, walking at least for a few minutes is something I try to do in the evening when I can. This is especially helpful when I know I need to pick something for dinner, which helps me get more steps in!

When I first switched to full-time work-from-home, I was getting very few steps a day, at the time, I was tracking my steps, and because I wasn’t doing much walking, I decided to stop. Now, adding a walk has made me feel like I am definitely taking more steps, even though I am still not tracking them. I sleep better on days that I walk and feel less drained at the end of the day.

Do chores

To add little breaks into my day, I try to do anything I can. Sitting at my table and working all day just does not work for me. I have to keep myself energized by working towards my breaks and timing myself. One way is by doing chores.

I’ll tell myself that I’ll work for 1 hour uninterrupted, and then I’ll clean the house, work for another few hours, and wash the dishes, among other things. I don’t normally look forward to chores, but knowing that I will be able to get up for a few minutes, keeps me going, regardless of the task I am doing.

Listen to a podcast

I am a huge lover of podcasts. This is a thing I look forward to doing each day, and I even set aside one-hour towards the end of my day, to do just this.

I am able to get off my screen for a while and just get into other people’s worlds.

The new podcast I’m actually loving is Adelle Onyango’s Legally Clueless. You should check it out.

Daily affirmations

To make sure I have something motivating me right from the time I wake up, I have daily affirmations.

To be honest, there are just those days where you have to remind yourself who you are, and that will enable you to achieve all you need to do.

It’s called “I Am.”

Take note of what I am grateful for

When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.

Tony Robbins

Seeing that there is something to be grateful for each day has enabled me to live in the present and be happy for whatever it is I am grateful for.

In the past, I have been caught up obsessing about what I have no control over. But just being present and grateful for what I have has given me so much peace of mind.

Very important: Get a reasonable number of hours of sleep each night

Sleep is very important.

There are days I sleep for 10 hours, others for seven, but I have to make sure that when I wake up in the morning, I feel well-rested.

What has kept you productive, happy, and healthy this year?

See You Next Week!


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