For the first time in my many years on earth, I am the queen of my own castle!

When I made the bold decision to live alone for the first time, it was supposed to be a temporary thing. I wanted to see what it would be like living alone and whether it would be something that I could actually do. Well, turns out I did it so well because a year and a few months later, I have been loving it.

I have grown and flourished in ways I never would have had I not made this decision to live alone.

Here are some lessons I have learned from living alone:

You will find out definitively if you are an introvert or an extrovert

I’ve always known that I am 100% an introvert. I mean, I don’t mind the occasional social gatherings, but I recharge best when by myself.

Living alone has taken this to a whole other level. Also, I have been working from home for over a year and a half so I don’t have any co-workers for human interaction.

There was a time when churches were closed, social gatherings were banned and with working from home, days passed without me seeing or meeting anyone and I felt so refreshed.

You talk to yourself. A lot.

If there is one thing I have realized I do a lot of, it’s talking to myself. Living alone will make you have conversations, not in your mind, but out loud.

Perhaps it’s about making a noise in a quiet house, or maybe I’m just losing my mind😅but I find myself speaking out loud very often.

Is it just me or is this something people who live alone do?

You work on hobbies—old or new—and try to master them

Reading has always been something I love to do.

I have worked on creating a habit of reading a few chapters each day, just to take my mind and eyes off the screen and have some time to myself.

Now, cooking for one can be a challenge when you are living by yourself. My love for cooking, however, has made me try out new recipes and just take my taste buds to the next level. At this rate, I might just open a restaurant 🙂.

You learn how to become financially independent

Just the other day, I was telling my mother how adulting is such a scam. When we are young, we look forward to being older because we think (or at least I thought), there is freedom in that.

To be honest, this is the part I don’t like.

Bills are always piling up because well, you are the one who needs to pay all the bills on your own. No matter how much you saved before deciding to live alone for the first time, you will at one point be caught off guard with just how much you will have to spend.

A few months back, my gas ran out and I was so surprised by how much prices had changed. I didn’t know prices had been reviewed and were to be implemented that day my gas ran out 😂.

With time, you become very careful with what you spend your money on.

You become more independent than you’ve ever been in your life

Cooking, cleaning, shopping, and taking out the trash all depend on you when you are living alone.

If you don’t do anything, no one will do it for you.

If you left dirty dishes when you went to work or to run errands, you will find them there waiting for you when you get back. Because I know I will come back home tired, I always try to ensure that I have cleaned my dishes before I leave.

It feels good to depend on yourself. However, sometimes it gets tedious too.

You surprise yourself with what you can do on your own

You may have always felt mature and like an adult, but nothing tests that more than living alone.

The good news is, you can actually get things done.

While living on your own, there are many small accomplishments that you will experience regularly – whether it’s taking out the trash in time, paying every bill, or even fixing something that is broken.

Even if you get nervous while going to places alone or calling a service yourself, you will realize that you have a newfound confidence.

If there is an important lesson I have learned while living alone, it has to be that living alone empowers you in a way you have never known before.

As I was watching my favorite medical drama Grey’s Anatomy the other day, I ended up shedding a few tears and I realized how special it was to have the privacy to do so. When I turned off the light, I was grateful all over again for this time in my life where I get to rule my roost and make the rules.

The craziest part is that in as much as I have felt lonely a few times, I am very happy in my little world.


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  1. I like the bit on financial independence👏👏I can’t wait to work in your restaurant as a pizza specialist😅

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