We’re starting to go outside again. While some of us have got our outside outfits figured out, some of us are just trying to look like we belong😅. 

Skinny jeans are a classic style and a wardrobe staple. If you are reading this, I am sure you have at least one pair of skinny jeans in your closet.

This is a quick, go-to item for any day, and can easily be thrown on without a second thought.

Although that simplicity makes them an essential item for every woman’s closet, it also makes them vulnerable to getting caught in a style rut. If you’re guilty of consistently pairing your skinny jeans with the same T-shirt, it may be time for some styling inspiration. 

Here are a few inspiring ways to wear skinny jeans.

With a blouse

To cool up your skinny jeans, opt for a blouse that will do all the talking when paired with your skinnies.

To give yourself more flair, unbutton the bottom half of your top and try a half-tuck.

With an oversized blazer

You can rarely go wrong with an oversized blazer, and the contrast between the larger fit of the blazer on top and fitted pants on the bottom will balance each other out and make your outfit work.

If you’re wearing it out, pair it with a cropped tank on top; if you’re wearing it to a jeans-appropriate office, pair it with a tucked-in tee.

All black

There’s nothing chicer and more timeless than an all-black moment, which is the perfect way to make your black skinny jeans work.

With a white tee

There’s nothing more classic than a white tee paired with a pair of skinny jeans. It’s a uniform-worthy combination that’s so classic and never gets old.

With a turtleneck

As far as transitional looks go, there’s nothing quite like a turtleneck-and-jeans combo. To make a turtleneck work with your skinny jeans, go for a fitting look.


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