Would you get into someone else’s bag without their permission? Probably not. Growing up, my mom never allowed me to get into her bag, even just to get money. I had to either bring the bag to her, or simply just wait until she got close to her bag to ask for anything from it. I would look at my friends going through their mother’s bags and be like “Wau!” Things have changed quite a lot since then.

There seems to be this unspoken rule to not dig in someone’s bag, just the same way you would not look into their medicine cabinet. Even if someone gives you the permission to fetch something from their bag, there is some form of reluctance to move forward with it.

It is still considered ‘taboo.’ If someone were to go through my bag, I would feel a sort of violation of privacy – unless I have asked them to get something from it.

Bags are one of my favorite accessories – after shoes. I try to switch them up every week, and carry different ones on weekends. For this post, I am using one of my favorites, a navy blue colored Mulberry bag. It has a latch at the top to keep things from falling out and it has a small side pocket for items like receipts, change or even a phone.

Here is a peek inside this bag that I have been carrying with me all week long:

My current read – Zoya by Danielle Steel. I am always walking around with a novel in my bag because I get bored of just looking out of the window from the bus or staring at customers walk in and out of the salon. As you know, Danielle Steel is my favorite author. If I’m not reading any of her books, I have my phone app AnyBooks, that still allows me to catch up on some other novels. This has been working for me for quite a while.

I have a pouch for carrying my essentials and a wallet for my cash and cards. This one has all I need to spend a night out of the house. I carry my wet-wipes, soft tissues and tablets I may need, here. Also, because my hands get dry so fast especially after they come in contact with soap, I have some hand/body cream, and solid oil. In one of the bag’s other compartments, I add a panty-liner (a girl’s gotta have one of these you know). Sometimes, I also carry lipstick, or gloss just to ensure I’m not licking my lips once they get dry.

I carry with me earphones that I bought in this small cute pouch. To avoid dozing off in the morning on my way to work, I listen to BBC World News. Through this, I have gotten a lot of insight on matters the world, and I can sit and discuss matters other countries J. Also, I carry my phone charger just in case my phone battery runs low and I need to do a few things on my phone including taking photos ?

My umbrella is never far away from me. It’s been really hot in the country, and even with that, I carried my umbrella everywhere with me. Now that the rains are here, it is definitely becoming useful.

In one of the bag’s compartments, I carry around gum, just so when I’m bored I can activate my chewing sensations. Have you gotten bored before hadi you find yourself chewing your tongue? Ama it’s just me? So yes, gum is something I have also when I’m feeling my breath is a little- you know.

The last thing(s) that I label, “Don’t leave the house without,” are my sunglasses and phone. I got this really cool sunglasses that I sometimes hide under, especially when I have to leave the house and I’m feeling sleepy and groggy. They are big and just so perfect. I am not sure if I can go a day without my phone because for me it’s not all about the communication, but the memories I capture on it, and the work I sometimes do using it. So this is something I always have with me – even when I’m asleep (though on silent mode). Do you do almost everything using your phone?

With all this in my bag, I call it my ‘toolbox.’ It makes it easier for me especially for the times I go for unplanned night outs after work. Do you think I’m carrying too much stuff for an everyday thing? What should I leave out? Or is it too little? What should I add?

Also, what’s in your everyday bag? Do share.

Until next time, all my love.


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