If you are just starting out in building your brand either as an individual or a business, you will agree with me that two things may be in short supply for you – time and money.

Although social media has become one of the best possible ways to grow a brand, it can be quite expensive. This may leave you wondering whether it is really necessary to spend money on hiring a social media manager.

The truth is, in as much as you will spend money here, you will actually end up making more money.

So, is it time to hire a social media manager? Let’s take a closer look at when you might want to consider hiring help:

1. You see social media as an ‘on the side’ job.

It is said that consumers who have had a positive engagement with a business through social media spend an average of 30% more with the same business, on an annual basis. To get such results, you need a carefully crafted strategy, both so you can post consistently and so that you can interact with visitors in a way that benefits everybody involved.

The only thing worse than no social media strategy is an inefficient one. You might spend hours creating outreach programs, only to discover your posts aren’t actually getting any halfway decent attention. And that’s just time lost at that point.

2. You aren’t sure how to measure and benchmark each channel (or aren’t measuring channel performance at all).

A successful online presence needs to be monitored. Metrics play a crucial role in refining your social media marketing strategy. 

Social media metrics are unlike other types of digital marketing metrics. If you aren’t experienced with social media marketing, you may be confused about which metrics matter on which channel, and what strong performance looks like.

A great social media manager will be able to not just collect social performance data, but also digest those analytics into something actionable.

3. You don’t have enough time to stay on top of evolving social media trends and changes.

Maintaining a competitive edge via social media marketing can be tricky, especially without going over budget. A while back, Facebook incorporated updates that drastically decreased the organic reach of businesses. Dozens of corporations turned to social media ads.

If you’ve lost more money than you actually spent on ads, or simply never found out about these opportunities to begin with, it’s probably time to hire an expert. It’s a social media expert’s job to stay abreast of any changes that could impact your promotion efforts. Combining creative web design, content writing and video for a more captivating end product, a worthy expert capitalizes on timing by posting updates on the latest developments in your industry, as needed. This is how posts can go viral.

4. You aren’t able to commit to building consistency on any one channel.

The ideal social media post frequency depends on the channel. 

However, what matters more than frequency is consistency.

If you make a habit of posting several times a day and then transition to only a few times a week, you will start to lose followers and generate less engagement per post.

5. You want to build a loyal community around your brand.

A vibrant community can give you an edge in today’s economy. Anyone can drop-ship a product, copy a feature from a competitor, or even guarantee two-day shipping — but a social media interest is hard to copy overnight. 

It can be a recipe for customer loyalty. And churn is expensive. 

But no one follows a brand, let alone comments on its posts, if its social media profiles are just reposting corporate blog posts.

If you want to build a community, you need to have someone dedicated to it.

That person is a social media manager.

Hire a social media manager today!


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