There’s something about people’s stories that fascinates me – especially the ones that didn’t have it easy and had to work their way up. I find myself deeply engrossed in that moment of their life, feeling sad and ultimately celebrating their little and not so little wins. That’s sometimes what connects me to these people.

When I saw this book on my app (AnyBooks), I instantly downloaded it. My latest memory of a film I remember her in is Blended. There’s also one with Cameron Diaz (but I forget what it’s called).

In every non-fiction book, I have gotten my hands on, there is always a message, no matter how subtle it may be. And Drew Barrymore puts my podcast theme so well. In each moment she describes, there is an element of optimism, and at the back of her mind, knowing that This is It. (See what I did there?? )

This is not your ordinary memoir. It is more of a book that captures various moments of her life in different chapters. With the end of a certain chapter, begins another that may take you to the younger version of herself. Every chapter has a lesson that Drew has learned and something you too could pick up.

One very clear thing is her love for traveling and her children. Throughout the book, there are moments where you will laugh at how crazy Drew was, relate to other moments, cry and even be in awe.

Also, she writes like she’s speaking to you. Starting her career in the acting industry while very young in some ways prepared her for life, while in other ways it did not. She was an only child, and even as she speaks about her mother and her absentee father, there is no sense of deep connection with them. For her, life began early, especially after her emancipation at just 14.

What were you doing at 14? (mine is a story for another day).

Meeting her now ex-husband and father of her babies was something that just showed me a ‘This Is It’ moment. See she was doubting whether he was ‘the one,’ and it took a talk from her friend, for her to be convinced. Her friend talked about looking at ‘Door number 1’ and trusting that it was the right one for you, and not hoping to try out and move on to Door number 2.

It made so much sense even in other aspects of our lives. How many times have you doubted your first decision, thought or action and later wished you had taken that path?

I found this book interesting, apart from a few chapters that I could not relate to.

There is something she talks about in the first chapter. Something that stuck with me. Birds of paradise and how wild they were.

Let us be like them and defy tradition, and yet create our own traditions at the same time. Let us all be wildflowers.

Until next time, all my love