This past week I got to tick one thing off my bucket list guys!

Ginza restaurant is a place that specifically specializes in Japanese food. I’ve never tried Japanese food and so I was really excited to.

I even got to watch live cooking of my food! (Best feeling)

There’s the appetizer that comes in two bits. The tasty one (for those who love sugar), and then the one I got to tick off my list. Sushi!!! It’s just raw fish hehe.

The lesson I took home after having the sushi is, eat it up so fast, that by the time you are done, the raw taste does not remain in your mouth. If you eat it slowly, you may not want to finish it.


Then theres the second part of the dinner. By the time you are done, you are quite full. Being the good eater that I am, I had to use my very good appetite to my advantage?

From potato pancakes to white and red meat dishes and then rice.

Potato pancake
Live cooking
Chicken and mushroom

And then oh my, the dessert was to die for. The banana was just perfect, and my love for ice-cream…

Dessert: Banana and ice-cream

And of course the meal would not be complete without a glass of sweet red wine.

I wasn’t so sure about how comfortable I would be in my sleep, but I actually didn’t have any problem.

The food, the atmosphere, the chefs, there is nothing not to like about this place.

Want to check this place out? Book a date with me?


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