Earlier this year, I mentioned to you guys just how much weight I had gained. I wanted to start working out and get to this body I had envisioned having in a swimsuit (and to be healthier of course). And so I visited the gym I wanted to go to. But then weight loss, like everything else, is overrated.

For a really long time, my stomach has been my biggest insecurity. Everything I eat literally settles in my stomach. KFC’s sticky wings did me in! Gosh ?Also, the three meals a day thing especially when I was not hungry became too much. I would end up feeling bloated, unhealthy, and eventually insecure.

I ruled out going to the gym and decided to start doing things a little different. This started with intermittent fasting where I missed breakfast and only took a sugarless cup of tea. Although I have been doing it inconsistently, it has helped.

In July, a friend introduced me to this app that literally changed everything for me. At first, I struggled with most of the exercises – but when I eventually got it, it became a habit.

Then I knew that I had to get rid of some of my eating habits. KFC and soda had to go, fruits had to be part of my diet and of course lots, of water. One thing I know is that changing your diet makes a big difference. My progress is proof.

Looking at my body now has given me so much more motivation to exercise. Here are a few pointers on how I have managed to shed the extra weight:

Being aware of why I am eating

Aside from hunger, I realized there were other factors that were making me eat. I was eating mainly because it was lunchtime and had lunch. Sometimes, I was just thirsty or bored.

Today, I realize that when I do not take water in the quantity my body is used to (2l daily), I feel so hungry.

Being aware of what I am eating and mindful of my consumption

The KFC sticky wings ?

I have come to realize that it is very important to know what you are ingesting so that you are aware of how it affects your body, and then know how best to consume it. Or not.

For me, eating junk means more wait, and fast.

While it is true, if you eat more calories than you burn, you most probably will gain weight, unless of course, you are one of those blessed with a metabolism that allows you to eat an entire cow and still have defined abs (I’m talking to you ;)). Try not to focus on eating based on calorie count but on the nutrient value. Quality over quantity. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

When hunger strikes, hydrating first

Someone introduced me to taking lots of water and during the first few days, they would remind me throughout the day to take my glass of water. It eventually became something I do so effortlessly and every time I fall short of even a glass, my body begs for water.

Sometimes, what manifests as hunger really isn’t. It could be dehydration.

If water is a struggle, try infusing it with some fruit like lemon, oranges and even cucumber. Water really does boost your metabolism. Stay hydrated!

Eating only when hungry

I came to realize that I had internalized the notion that I have to eat at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, at the movies, on road trips, when having meetings, etc. When I made the decision to only eat when hungry, it made a ton of difference and I realized that I had been stuffing myself unnecessarily.

Cutting back on sugar

My parents were very surprised when I announced I would not be taking sugar in tea. They had tried to make me reduce my sugar intake for a very long time but well, I did it on my own eventually. I also reduced my soda intake and to date, find it very hard to finish the small plastic soda bottle.

Okay, guys, that’s it from me. I am no expert so feel free to add on or even let me know kama najidanganya or I am doing well.?

Until next time, all my love