I once wanted to be a pilot because my elder sister said she wanted to be one. I had even dreamed about how I would fly the world and have fun while at it. I am not sure whether to say these were just childish ambitions, but well… Long story short, none of us is a pilot.

Career switch

I got to high school and that’s where things became clear for me (in a way). I learnt that I was better at English compared to the sciences.

There are those who atleast try and balance out all the subjects (including those they don’t like) I wasn’t one of those. So I stuck with that and ensured I got a grade A in the subject.

Anyway, because of my great strength in English, I knew I wanted to be somewhere in the media world. Grow there, make a difference and eventually become an investigative reporter (I’m headed there).

Let’s go back a bit. See before I joined high school, I did a psychometric test. The test pointed towards the career I was likely to land in. Being a pre-teen, well, I heard it but didn’t pay much attention to it.

Interestingly, it actually ended up being correct. My strengths were leaning towards the arts rather than the sciences.

Fast forward… Off to uni I went. I took a BSc in Communication and Journalism, made the best out of the four years, and before I knew it, it was time to go on attachment.

Now finding a place that needed or wanted an attache was the hardest part for me. I could not get a place, and yet at the end of the stipulated period, I was to be assessed.

On the start date of the period given by the uni, I finally got a place. A Christian station that was based in my hometown.

Here, I got to be trained by the director. He showed me the reins for a week. The following week, I was to be on air.

I was super nervous and excited. I would finally be starting my journey towards my dream. Plus, who puts an intern on the second week to read news?

I felt honoured and privileged.

The director allowed me to make mistakes and be myself all at once.

My parents would wake up just to listen to me. And every morning, dad dropped me without fail. I remember making a few pronunciation errors and he would text me with the correct pronunciation.

Within no time, I was news anchoring and co-hosting the breakfast show.

Not being an early morning person, I had to adjust and show my prowess.

My nervousness disappeared. I was even gaining the celebrity status?

I went back to school to graduate and sadly, the station closed.

To date, those who heard me on air remember me from my last act.

In everything you do, do it to the best of your ability. You are only as good as your last act.


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